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The 50K Funnel Update – What to Name It?

An incredible thing happened last night.

After deciding to launch this blog with the 50K funnel I laid in bed, connected vertically and asked…

I asked to know the name of the ‘thing’ I was launching.

Mind you, I have enough content, ebooks and CDs and programs to launch 3 funnels but I knew I was supposed to do one.

For now.

And all the energy around it was just too much.

So I grounded, prayed, connected and then a flash of light zoomed into my vision and I heard it.

I heard the name of the thing I am putting together and then my heart melted and it felt as if literally I had found / heard / seen what I came on this planet to do.

It felt like being the melted chocolate on top of vanilla ice cream.

It felt like finally arriving at my destination after a very long ride around and around.

Now I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

It’s about having it actually become something that can physically serve a need in our community and offer transformation and healing.

So for now, all I’ll say is I got the name and bought the domain. I may have to look into trademarking it if it’s even possible. Some names are not strong trademarks so there’s no point.

And I had a great call with Traci plus I have Marjukka who is jumping on board to help structure the first phase of the content.

This is going to be so much fun.

I’m off to go pick up my son and play with him at our local park here.

#balance is everything.


Alixe K. Tracey

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