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The #1 Tool for a Beautiful + Smooth Mercury Retrograde

Did you know Mercury is about to go retrograde on the 4th of October in 2014?


Before you click away in the hope that if you ignore Mercury it might ignore you back…

Keep on reading if

  1. you need more energy to get through a busy holiday season,

  2. you have some dreams + goals you are ready to see manifest

  3. you are ready to have a really pleasant retrograde.

Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year and gratefully I have learned to love each and every time it retrogrades.

No I am not crazy or like to self-sabotage.


I actually truly love it for I see it as the perfect time to do a thorough house cleaning (within).

Who doesn’t like a clean house?When the sheets are crisp clean, The couch is free of cat hair The kitchen floor is spotless…

It feels really good afterward, right? Well this is the same thing except for your home within.


You shine way brighter! Feel Lighter! And have more energy to enjoy a fun and vibrant winter celebration…and we both know we are going to need it.

Like any good house cleaning, someone’s got to roll up their sleeves, put some music on and just do it.

If you don’t, the Retrograde can cause all or some of these:

  1. technology breakdown

  2. lack of motivation

  3. negative thoughts

  4. employees slacking at work

  5. deals falling through

  6. Cell phone dropping calls

  7. fatigue

  8. over eating

  9. depression…

Unfortunately, the list goes on, as you told me in this Survey

What’s the magic trick to having a smooth and beautiful retrograde?

You are in for a treat!

As I absolutely love you and what you do in the world, and I know how much easier life is with some cord cutting and energy clearing, 
and frankly, because my intuition asked me to…

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 6.02.14 PM

Meditating with Angels

You + Angels + Breath 

Just when you think you were all alone lotus’in on the floor, just you and your breath, silence and a quiet mind… Think again. This is an entire planet retrograding. We are going to have to call in the troops

Angels + light here we go!

Before you scroll below to do the energy clearing exercise to have a smooth + beautiful retrograde please do make sure you are in a safe, enclosed private space.

Such as? In your sacred space if you have one * or on your bed / floor or meditation circle

This is preferably not to be experienced in a public place.

You are a meditation queen after all and it’s preferable to be in your private quarters before proceeding…cool?

When you arrive, please do make sure the TV is off and wait until all of your staff + subjects left the house… unless they are little ones who want to sit with you and do it too, that’s totally cool too 😉

Step #1:

Put on your confident smile and turn on your heart and Call on the light and angels.

How? Think about them. That’s all you need to do.

Or think about one or more that you like.

While it is not important to call on one specifically here are three who tend to be really easy to work with:

  1. Archangel Michael helps lightworkers feel courageous to step into their life purpose and vacuums away obstacles such as fear + worry, or uses his prince like sword to cut them cords.

  2. Archangel Raphael has a gentle green healing light. Call on him if you feel strong emotions.

  3. Archangel

 Jophiel helps with patience and beautifying our thoughts. She is a great coach when working on completing a project.

Repeat one or all their names three times.

Or… Do what comes naturally:

think, feel, shout, dance, paint, draw as long

as you are calling on and activating

something greater that lie within you and all around you.

Simply become aware of it – through your feelings, your knowingness, your senses.

For within the awareness lies the key to open up and allow that which you are calling forth.

How do I do it? Some days I… Say an invocation. Take pictures. Paint. Dance. Meditate visualizing the light coming down to surround me. I look up and see the angels all around. I go for walks. I think of my online community and see it surrounded by light.

For the gift of imagination lies in its ability to mold transform and move energies.

That is meditating supercharged…

There’s a whole lot more happening behind that happy buddha smile.

Step #2: Put the Light to Work

Seeing the light surround you

(Imagining what it would look like)

Breathe it in…

This is the gold and sparkly light of Source, here with you now to rejuvenate and enlighten your cells and your heart to help you eliminate the old.

Did you feel it?

When you feel it, sense it or know it is with you, imagine it as a beam of light from the sky coming down to suction areas of your upper head

(hellooo gorgeous Crown Chakra, rise and shine!) Where there is heaviness, do give  permission to the light to take it up and out. take. your. time. Special energy is infused in this exercise/blog/website so as you read you might already feel lighter.

Continue going down one chakra at a time, To your 3rd eye, throat heart belly reproductive organs root chakra

take. your. time.

Imagine with your eyes closed any extra energy leaving.

Helpful Tip: Think of the energy as little energy buddies who need extra nudging to go. Find them and say, opening a big wide door over the energy: “You are free go to now! Go!”

Off they go in the vacuum and voila!

I am willing to change, live vibrantly and exude joy in every day and in every thing.

Advance Move for Meditation Queens:

Open up an imaginary door over your aura (which forms a sort of bubble around you) and let go of what you feel is stuck within the auric field

Just hand it over.

Through your awareness, Or by physically putting your hands up and handing it over, Watch all the energy leave knowing the light is taking what needs to go and putting back what you need.

And that my gorgeous bright friend is how you can start mercury retrograde without the extra energy sticking to your electronics and causing serious slow down shut down and damage.

Just remember the reason we don’t sign any new contracts during the retrograde is our intentions are to heal the past and let go.

Thus we aren’t opening up to receive abundance in this moment…more letting go so we can raise our frequency to greater abundance.

Thus it is best to allow for income growth and novelties after the retrograde.

The retrogrades ends November 10th.

Did you like the article?

Please let me know what you think, if this worked for you and what didn’t work.

I’ll be online replying to your comments below.



PS: My #2 tool for a beautiful and smooth mercury retrograde is here:

Mercury Retrograde
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