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Staying True to You for Indigo Children and Adults

Ho Ho Ho Ho it’s Halloween sweet soul!

Perfect timing to unmask the indigo adults among us and shine a light on their talents and their struggles. You may have heard of indigo children being different, hyper and more expressive and emotional than other kids. They tend to be more rebellious, especially when their crystal clear BS detector tells them the authority figures and/or system they are in is not love-based nor working efficiently. Many are now adults changing that very system, offering new ways to live, work and play.

Indigo Adults. They walk among us, disguised as regular people, dressed like everyone, they talk the same language and appear to fit in. Under neath the surface is an incredible spark, a torrent of powerful energy awaiting an outlet to bring healing and wisdom for peace on the planet. Under neath their often turbulent emotions, is so much love for humanity and inborn talent for leadership. As wayshowers, indigo adults (and children) are here to help set up the infrastructures for the upcoming generations of sensitive and talented crystal and rainbow children.

No pressure though. They are well equipped to handle challenges and have enough spiritual energy running through their chakras to shift their reality and seeming challenges into miracles.

This week’s video is dedicated to you my dear indigo, I know you there are many of us on the planet at the moment and we are rocking our purpose in so many beautiful ways!

I am not pro labels.

It is another way for the ego to hang on to an identity, something outside of itself for approval, control or safety.

Labeling oneself as an indigo is another limitation. Labels can create separation and even prejudices.

Yet labels can also save lives. An alcoholic who admits he is an alcoholic and attends meetings to recover will save his life and perhaps those of others if he stops drinking and driving. A diabetic who knows he has a condition that requires a certain lifestyle will take the necessary medicine or die.

It is equally true for indigos, introverts, gifted intuitive to realize labeling themselves can also be life saving. It would do great harm to the soul of the indigo to pretend working at a desk or choosing a career path to please his parents and go against his own passions.

For an introvert to pretend he or she is an extrovert it can be just as damaging and lead to burn out, job loss and depression.

There is a reality that comes along with labels, and a life saving responsibility.

Yet it is always a limitation. If you are ever on the path of self-realization and enlightenment ultimately all labels fall off. You are just you. The I Am. Nothing needs to be added onto that.

Seeking to add to I am …rich, loved, safe and in control are all ego driven and lead to suffering and cycles of haves and haves not.

While I am not pro labeling anyone, it helps to know oneself and self-knowledge is the 4th pillar of happiness.

So know yourself and wear what you find lightly. Be willing to always let go of the label and move through any limitations.

A diabetic can heal. An alcoholic can heal. You are so much more than your labels. You are an infinite being of light and love and even more than that you are source energy incarnate.

Danielle Dove

PS: Here’s the love letter to crystal children I mention in the video:

there was a time when you still believed
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