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Special Video: How to Make Sh*t Happen (magic inside)

It’s your heart my sweet friend and it has the magical ability to awaken and move mountains.

 How to use this video:

Let’s start with rose petals and any wishes you need help spicing up a bit with new life energy.

Go on and grab those old notes and promises to yourself you may have made long ago – you know – those

‘it would have been nice if it happened’

– go on and dust it off

– and then –

holding it in your right hand, with your left hand on your heart,

(somehow manage to watch the video at the same time)

let the magic in the rose petals help you feel the truth:

your wish being here and now.

It’s how I manifest everything in my life. I just go on and use life force energy in the most innocent and playful way I can, make wishes, and major sh*t happens.


Why? In the moment that you close your eyes and let the wish’s energy pour over and through you, in that instant there is no resistance, no ‘i can’ts’, you are fully in the presence of the now and in that blissful state, manifesting becomes really easy.

But forget all of that mind stuff when you’re doing it.

Go get them rose petals, find a friend and throw rose petals on each other.

Let the magic continue!

Danielle Dove


A Very Special Announcement!

It’s happppening again!

I don’t know if it’s their hotness that has this effect on me, but I can rarely say no to an Archangel who asks me (albeit so darn politely) if I may pretty please organize another heart chakra activation.

The scene was too romantic: I won’t do it justice, so I won’t bother you with the details but it did go something like this.

I woke up feeling a bit sensitive by a recent email from my ex over the scheduling of our son’s future, I was teary eyed and really needed some relief.

We got dressed and headed for the magical garden where rose petals and so much more was waiting for us.

I kept taking deep breaths, doing my best to reason: I am still in France and it can all work out for the best.

Still, though, I called on the light to bring me over some help. I felt deeply wounded by the prospect of a life shift.

We arrived at the sacred space with something very special waiting for us:

A magical wand.

I kid you not: here is the picture!

We held on to it and made a hundred wishes that no matter the life shifts, we’d always be together and the magic we gathered over the past few months here, we would always have embedded deeply in our crystal heart. We made so many and so many more ….

The wand had so much to tell me:

be here now remember your powers it’s only in feeling good and positive that you’ll manifest the ideal you can do this you can cooperate with your ex and get along you can create magical intentions and they can manifest they all have haven’t they in the past?

yes yes yes yes everything I ever asked for from my heart always came trough and true.

And so the saying: in order to hang on to something, you must give it away is the reason I said YES to the Archangel who asked me to offer the heart healing activation.

It’s time to share all of the magic of the South of France with you.

What’s a heart chakra activation ? Glad you asked! I didn’t know what it was either until a very special encounter with an Ascended Master last summer.

It turned into a magical experience for myself and many others who joined me.

I didn’t know if any of this was real or if it worked… until I checked my emails the next day and most of every one had felt something – a shift and an energy coming to them.

I hadn’t been guided to do these again until last week’s video on ‘Getting Paychecks from God while living our life purpose’.

When I sat down to receive the ‘dates’ it would take place and the price, it all aligned beautifully. It happens to fall on Mother’s Day this year (May 11 and May 14) plus there are so many bonuses such as a special energy reading and a meditation to prep for the heart opening experience.

Time to manifest from the heart and make sh*t happen ! 😉

Danielle Dove

PS: Hey I gotta spice it up a bit when the video is all about making wishes over rose petals!

And also don’t forget to come on by and party with us over at the FB pond where it’s Cord Cutting Wednesday! xo

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