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Simple (proven) techniques to start seeing your dreams come true

Simple Techniques to Start Seeing Your Dreams Come True

Do you feel you live in a world of NO? Let me explain. Last time you had an idea come to you, something a bit out there, perhaps after you had been praying and asking for help…or perhaps it felt too self-indulgent, fun, frivolous, just a bit wild…did you immediately think:

“Oh no. Not now. Can’t do it…”

Tell me, what are some of the most common excuses you tell yourself when you think of that one big heartfelt dream of yours?

It can’t really be what I am capable of doing? It will take too long?

You know you actually have a choice not to listen to that ‘NO’ ? All it takes is someone to show you it’s possible to take the cord that limit you off.

Do you know how baby elephants are kept from running away?

They wrap a cord around their foot and tie it to a pole.

Years later when the elephant is an adult and could easily pull the pole out of the ground, it does not even try.

Do you know why?

Because it was wired to think “I can’t move” since being a baby and so he still thinks he does not have the strength to get away.

Our brain works the same way.  If we were told ‘no’ and ‘don’t’ as children to any fun and crazy things kids like to do, then it became wired in our brains: ‘I can’t’.

There is a way to change those patterns and make the magic of Christmas last all year long.

Yeahhhhhh to magic happening every day this year!

…and there really does exist a magical Santa Clause – only for an adult version (suitable for all ages)

Angel Therapy™ –

Our Every Day Santa Clause

Doreen Virtue is the founder of Angel Therapy™. She has written over 50 books (and counting) She talks extensively in all of her books of her interaction with angels, goddesses, ascended masters, God and even fairies in natural sacred places.

The recurring theme is to always think of the angels and they come by your side.

When you use the power of your mind to visualize and focus on an energy of love and call it forward through your consciousness, you create a calling for that energy to come find you.

Your thoughts become a dial tone – and your intuition becomes the telephone which can receive the messages back.

In Hawaii, during the Goddess Retreat in 2012, the ladies who joined me on the island remembered this simple practice of ‘calling forward’ the orbs to take photos. They were hoping to take pictures of them through their cameras.

It worked. In fact there were so many orbs that you could barely see the person behind them.

This is a more immediate example of how ‘calling something forward’ works rather immediately.

Here is a photo of orbs we took recently here in the South of France.

orbs france

What limits us most from receiving is the lack of asking

What makes Christmas magical? Millions of kids everywhere who believe in magic. Children are our earth angels helping adults let go and remember things always work out on their own if we believe and stay positive. Let’s be angels to them too – the rest of the year – and show them we believe in magic and positivity as well.

A friend of mine brought her four and a half year old to a coffee hangout last week and he really wanted a chocolate pizza. Immediately, her mother replied:

That’s not possible. Chocolate pizza doesn’t exist.

He had already been stuck in the world of 6 adults talking over coffee and tea. I felt him get so disappointed inside. I felt guided to, at the very least, without infringing on his mother’s point of view, to validate his dream for him:

You like chocolate pizzas? What a great idea. I love them too. They are like chocolate crepes then hey?

He perked up. It was possible.

Well, I told him, if you cant find one here in this town today I am sure your mom could help you make one at home. It is possible.

Her mother smiled and told him, she would get him a regular pizza.

Do you validate your dreams for chocolate pizzas?

How often do we automatically believe and give power to the voice inside that says

“No, honey you can’t. That’s just not possible”.

Thinking of your last wild idea how fast did you say yes and grabbed on for the ride or cautiously said ‘no’ out of needing safety?

Do you ever pause long enough to validate your ideas dreams and hopes? Do you ever pause long enough before saying no to that wild magical inner voice inside your heart and say

Yes!! Thank you. I would like that too. Thank you for putting it out there. I will be sure to add it to my vision board and give myself permission… PERMISSION & VALIDATION that, yes, it is possible.

A few minutes went by and her mother got up to go get lunch for her son.

When she came back a bit later, she did not have just one slice of pizza in her hand, but two.

One was a regular tomato cheese pizza and the other…

a slice of a richly covered chocolate pizza with MnMs.

Always believe in your desires. You never know what is possible until you have asked for them.

I love you, and most importantly, I wish you healing and self love to validate your dreams and add more sparkle to you life.


Life Shifting is easy, just keep moving towards what feels good:

  1. Pick up any books from Doreen Virtue on Angels, Ascended Masters and yes even fairies. Read them on your next artist date or (cell phone free) spiritual adventure (see below for resources).

Cultivate those A+ experiences will keep helping you go free.

  1. Listen for what your heart and inner voice is really asking for and dare to say yes to her/his requests.

  2. Next time you have a desire, look at yourself in the mirror and validate your dreams and desires.  I am using examples I learned from this amazing book by Naomi Aldort called Raising Children Raising Ourselves (see below for resources) as well as some feedback I learned from ‘Non Violent Communication’.

  3. Yes I hear you are saying…..I think it’s a wonderful idea…Me too I would love …..Isn’t wonderful to have…. ?Do you like it this way….. or like this….?

What would you prefer?

I loooove that too….

Wait one more thing…

  1. Grab your Shining Year Planners from the gorgeous mermaid fairy goddess Leonie Dawson (every page is filled with magic) and no matter if it’s July or February when you read this post, put in your ‘ideal day’ and any other wild dreams you have for your life + biz. Leonie inspired me to ride a wild donkey all the way to Hawaii with 11 other women for a Goddess Retreat + move to my beloved heaven on earth in the South of France. Those life + biz planners are powerful – to say the least.


Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 5.03.15 PM

Some links in this article are affiliate links and at no extra cost to you, will help raise money for Danielle Dove’s mission to spread peace and freedom on the planet.


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