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Schedule Change for World Healing Gathering

(UPDATE) As you know, for the past 2 Wednesdays I have held a Soulful Business Meditation Gathering. From interviewing the ‘soul’ of our business to removing some deep seated fears about launching, we covered a lot (If you want to listen to the replay I can send you the link).

We were going to cover ‘money’ and all the beliefs around it today but I decided instead this week to do a World Healing Meditation due to the most recent events and the amount of fear on the planet at this time – it’s better if we raise our frequency first with a deep clearing meditation on Saturday July 23 at 9am PT/5pm UK rather than dive right into a topic that’s often already so loaded – what do you think? 

So instead we will do the Money Releasing Party 🙂 next Wednesday.

Here are the links for the Soulful Business Meditations (in the comments below) to check out what’s coming up and the World Healing Meditation Gathering to add your name for the love party this Saturday July 23rd.


What honestly started as a gentle intention to simply release fear out of our energy field  is turning into so much more than that. 

Of course I wasn’t going to be shown everything right from the bat or I would have said – uh… no thank you. 

But I peaked – I can’t help it.  I peaked and now I know what’s really going to happen Saturday for the World Healing. 

Let’s just say… some pretty powerful healing is about take place on a cellular and DNA level and some strong masters of the light are coming in. 

Pretty much there will be activations of you healing abilities and of you DNA strands – of course all with your permission. 

We are also going to look at deeply rooted survival beliefs which are no longer serving us today as a planet… 

I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to pretend I know what’s going to happen any further than that. 

If you feel guided to be there and excited – then you probably are meant to be there 🙂 

Did you receive the call in info?

If not, register here and if you did but did not get the confirmation email with the number then hit reply and I’ll get it over to you or check your spam/promotion folder for an email from


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