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Root Chakra Healing Therapy

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Every Question is Always Answered

As part of the Go Free Chakra Bliss 30 Day Challenge, I meditated to open the sacred group and set an intention for deep healing to everyone who joined us.

I couldn’t help but ask the angels which chakra I still needed to heal and clear during this 30 day challenge.

You see, when we meditate with angels, all of our questions are always answered.

If your crown chakra is opened, or your heart, or any one of your intuitive clairs, you will get the answer.

The reason being that if you are willing to ask, you are also willing to receive and hear the answer.

Did you ask your intuition (angels/god/spirit/universe/earth) which of your chakras needed healing?

If it’s the root chakra, here’s a message from the great divine mother.

Which one of my chakras are still blocked?

The great mother came to me in the form of Archangel Jophiel which reminded me a lot of the sweet energy of Mother Mary. She showed me how many healers/psychics and mediums keep the door of their root chakra closed as often is the case for people who are afraid of connecting to God and keep their crown chakra closed to protect themselves.

She showed me how much fear and apprehension healers/psychics/mediums have of the earth plane blocking their root chakra.

They had so many negative experiences here with life and all that it has to offer that they literally don’t want to deal with it or follow the wisdom of their root chakra anymore.

She kept asking me to trust the divine mother and my root chakra, that its roots and vines would flow towards all that I needed. She showed me multiple roots going into the earth for each major needs/goals/desires in my life and to trust that if I program my root chakra with what I needed that the wisdom of the earth would bring me the answers and guide me towards it clearly.

Do you trust Spirit and have faith in God/Source/Goddess’s ability to supply you with all you needs?

How about your root chakra? Are you able to connect to nature and source energy without fear blocking the flow of life?

What Creates a Closed Chakra, again and again?

It was so interested to be shown a closed root chakra.

I remember so clearly what it feels like to have fear close my crown chakra to God and all the wisdom and divine love it actually had to offer me.

I wonder, if my root chakra is closed to earth and all that it has to offer, what if those fears are just as unfounded as someone who is afraid of God because of what she or he may have heard or been wrongfully taught?

Do you feel you have a chakra blocked?

Can you see it may have been closed due to too many disappointments and confusions around that theme?

Fear is what blocks a chakra.

The energy of fear taken into the chakra and the thoughts formulated around perceiving a situation being dangerous.

When I was traveling through France as a single mom to a baby boy, by myself, fear was a daily companion.

I learned to see it as:





(Raw as in I’ve never done this before, so it’s normal fear is showing up).

If you can see fear as just an energy that shows up because your mind has no other point of references, then you can keep your chakras opened and flow in the direction you are desiring to go.

Signs a Chakra is in FEAR:

  1. If you tried to assert yourself when you were young but were shut down by parental figures, you could have a closed solar plexus and have a hard time with self-esteem, boundaries and even knowing what you need in life.

  1. If you are eating a lot and feeling compulsive with food, your sacral could be afraid of trusting its own creative powers and desires. It’s also the inner child and her need for protection and connection with you.

  1. For the throat chakra it’s in the area of communication and expression. Are you afraid of the power of your words?

  2. Often a money issue is not always a root chakra issue but a heart center issue. Our heart is our manifesting center without it being open, it’s often hard to feel movement and change in one’s life.

Once a chakra is healed, can it be blocked again?

Yes absolutely, especially if you are upgrading your life and reaching for higher goals.

Can you think of some examples in your life where you took a leap, went out on a limb and really started going for your dreams and then fear set in?

When I met my beloved twin flame and we make a baby intuitively, I became a mom, a wife, a sister and a daughter all over again.

Years after loosing mom, dad and brother and living on my own.

Years of being an orphan in a way..happily adopted by the angelic realm.

To say I had a freak out is an understatement.

I was in more fear than I will probably ever be able to describe.

Life was giving me back everyone I had ever lost, in a new family package with people that were so nice. I honestly didn’t think it was possible people could be so incredibly nice to each other.

This is when it’s a good idea to clear the fears and the emotional body of fears (connected to your chakras) so the fear doesn’t sabotage what you manifest.

It took me a year of a spiritual retreat in France to heal what I lost and appreciate what I had and I am back with my beautiful family without the slight bit of fear or worry.

I no longer have fear because I healed, forgave and healed it.

which brings me to:

What heals a chakra?



What closes a chakra is a memory of an experience that was unlike love.

Something happened that your mind interpreted as pain and so it closed a part of its energy off.

A part of you off.

That energetic memory is stored in your subconscious mind and your chakras.

Even in your DNA.

Intuition and meditating with angels can help you see deeply what can still be causing the block.


Just ask.

And then go with the flow.

You will always be revealed the truth if you truly want to heal and know the answers.

Healing of the Root Chakra: Forgive your Mother

A bit more about the root chakra and “Mother Earth” … part of what blocks our crown chakra is our relationship with our father/husband/male figures. Part of what blocks our root chakra is actually our relationship with our mother/sisters/wife/ and ourselves if we are a woman.

So to everyone who feels they have a closed root chakra, see what your root chakra has to say when you consciously want to open it and push its roots into the earth…

Does it resist you?

Does it have anything to say?

How about mom?

Does it remember anything about mom it resents?

Again, this is all very unconscious but you will be able to get to the truth by meditating.

Two ways to heal?

1. Join us for the 30 day challenge: Go Free Chakra Bliss.

Go Free Chakra Bliss

2. Download my Root Chakra Angel Meditation Album and start healing today.

Notice you can listen to the full track of Manifest your Goals.


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