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Rich Healer, what is it?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A few weeks back I started teaching healers how to start selling packages instead of one-off sessions and I dared to call the course Rich Healer.

Which is against everything we have ever known about healers But I must argue Being a healer can be a very rich experience and in fact you might resonate with being one already?

Rich in abundant love Rich in intuitive knowing Rich in quality time with friends nature and spirit Rich in getting messages through one’s intuition Rich in receiving with ease Rich in catching one's blocks and changing them Rich in spaciousness Rich in forgiveness

Healer = because you’ve healed yourself Every meditation Every breath Every prayer is an act of devotion to healing yourself and the planet For source For yourself For the temple that you are The sacred being that you are So you are rich And you are a healer You’ve transmuted fear within yourself You’ve used your heart to call things in and manifest You can heal energies You are.

Would you agree?

Come and share what you feel makes you a Rich Healer Today over on the blog at xo

Alixe K.

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