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Reclaim your creative focus after an emotional trigger…and ride unicorns with me into the suns

Complete disclosure: My future granddaughter Eva, who is an empowered Goddess living on a magical unicorn fairyland making all of her positive thoughts come true, told me these wise words about not letting things like PMS and triggering family members stop me from my creative focus and my dreams of helping the world heal.

Dear Creative Intuitive Solo CEO mamas who have ever had a family member spin them out of their focused creative centers or PMS or any other “I feel way too much to create + focus on my biz + dreams”- this is for you too.

It is also MOST IMPORTANTLY your guide to nourish your spirit and keep your goals and dreams alive during the holiday season. Any interaction with a triggering family member should really come with a warning label when you are launching a product, service or just in a very beautiful creative flow.

And this, my gorgeous, intuitive, powerful, changing the world, creative, Solo CEO mamas out there, this is my gift to you from my future granddaughter and all of our daughter’s daughter.

Psssst, this is Tool #3 for when mercury retrogrades (Dates for 2014-2015).  

“Who we have always been surfaces when we let go.”

Honestly?  My first thought was… “Here we go again, yet another spiritual woowoo program, another new age mama-bear hugs all, love all and peace…”

Don’t we love those programs?  We have them all, don’t we?

And some of them really do work. To an extend.

‘Hu hum’ Eva chimes in to remind us… “Ultimately the issue is not in the programs, it’s where you were at emotionally when you got them.”

Please do explain….

“The healing only ever happens on the frequency of love not on the frequency of mind form.”

Excuse me for a moment granddaughter Eva as I bang my hand on my head after I’ve been up for 2 hours in the middle of the night spinning into an emotional puddle of mess sent right down my happy fairy goddess place by a simple sentence in an email from a triggering family member I give way too much power to.

Who can relate?

I have a very important launch this week and ‘bang hand on the head’ for having  sent an innocent,” I love you here’s some good news” email the day before it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get creatively focused.”

“Me”, do me a favor, don’t do that again.

But please Eva, you continue.

“And so the great relief I can bring to you today is not that you’ll have to think yourself into a more healed + abundant + productive form of yourself, and figure out how to get back to your happy + focused self…

What I can bring you today is this:

Just as you didn’t have to think yourself into a human form,

you don’t have to think yourself into abundant living.

Just as you didn’t have to control the growth of your cells into an arm, a leg, an eye,

you don’t have to control the growth and manifestation of your dreams + goals so you can prove them wrong and you right,

Just as you didn’t have to think yourself into loving your children to take care of them,

you can reclaim the same flowing instinct of what’s needed for you to advance in the evolution of your soul and shine brightly


(This is going to sound bonkers if you are a full time mama bear like myself, but it is so worth posting on all your mirrors:

You were not made to provide until you take your last breath.

You are an amazing mass of energy with centers of gravitational pull

which work with you to attract that which you wish to experience into

your sphere of existence.

Yes even the shit that happens to you at times were ‘chosen’.

I say this with much abandon and certainty.

They were chosen to help you grow in the direction of your joyful purpose.

What if everything you ever desired was not only good for you, it was always necessary for the holistic functioning of the planet? What if your deepest cravings for growth, experience and money, was actually your soul screaming out for a chance to express itself – and not just to prove you’re right to the ‘family-member-you-give-way-too-much-power-to?” What if what you craved, received and consumed fed millions of others too?What if you no longer had to disapprove of what you desired and instead opened up to receive it?

Falling into harmony with our soul’s desires requires one simple action.

Letting go.

Letting go of all that you thought was good for you. Letting go of what you thought you needed to be happy. Letting go of trying to control a situation that is out of your control. Letting go when the light is red, breathing until it turns green again.

Letting go gives back the control over to the great intelligence living within your cells, so it can effortlessly take expression through you.

Letting go allows Universal Intelligence to steer you in the direction of God’s dreams for you.

What does it look like to let go?

Letting go Does Not mean giving up

It does mean flipping the switch over to gratitude in the moments you wish you had control.

You won’t ever have full control over your finances, your relationships, or your children.

But letting go is having control. Here ya’go is about Activating your sparkly manifestation wand only a gorgeous meditation queen such as yourself ought to have and tell you,

you do have control to practice gratitude in that moment and watch the moment transform and flow your way.

And then you’ll do what any meditation queen ought to do: Lean back, take in the sun on your gorgeous face and let the boat sail in the direction that feels good.

Letting go does not mean you’ll be spaced out

floating above your body somewhere, oblivious to the cacophony of feelings within your every cell.

In fact you will feel them all. all of them. That’s when letting go is your greatest ally.

It will be your best friend down on your knees or high on your heels when you are wondering how am I to heal this again?

It’s not in some magical pills, a better paycheck, or a more loving relationship. Although your lover/boss/doctor will love you if you believe it just one more day…one more day to show up at a job because you have to, one more day of medicating your pain because you really need to make things work this week,…just this week.

Letting go will gently remind you even your feelings are totally out of your goddess hands. Just as you can’t control life, you can’t control your feelings.

You tried dancing with them when the person/place/situation sent you out of your creative focus, keep’ing them in for another day. Stuff’in them in. Express’in them. Avoid’in them. You’ll soon run out of energy and need to nap or order another espresso. I know… I know… because I’ve been there but it won’t work.

It can’t work because it is all energy aiming to get out,

and you, only you, hold the key to your own freedom.

What is entirely in your control, 100% in your control is to hand them over to an energy outside of yourself. Something you name only yourself. Something grand and beautiful you have experienced as love

I pause here Great Priestess that you are to offer you this very real, very important question:

You have experienced divine love at some point in your life, you have, right?

I know faith might be buried under too many very real events that left you bare naked on the floor hoping there was such a thing as a higher, caring, loving power but you couldn’t find it anywhere, not when you needed it most. The key to feeling it is to move into our heart center.

Source, Universe, Love, God…

Sister, just don’t let what others have said pollute your experience.


And when you got it, that feeling, that knowingness it’s listening and you can feel it, say loud and clear, or in between two exhaustive sobs

“here ya’go

Here ya’go God because you created me if you thought adding in things like PMS, stress and triggering family members was a good add-on to life, I don’t know what to do with it, so here ya’go. Here ya’go when relationships fall apart and I know you are stirring the pot in perfect harmony to find the weeds and take them out, here ya’go. Here ya’go when Mr. Pain in the Butt Negativity is knocking at my door, again. Here you go!

Here yo’ga is the first pillar of happiness Angels gave me in 2009 after a European tour brought me to my knees in prayer asking

“how may I help all the amazing women I meet remember who they really are?

Today I pass it on to you, most beautiful cherished expression of the Divine,

Yes I am referring to you, for Eva and I want to look deep into your soulful eyes, grab your hand and say:

We – as Intuitive, Creative, Goddesses – can be in relationships and excel,

But we must believe in and protect our dreams, decisions and actions more than we give power to naysayers and doubters.

We – as Powerful Creative Goddesses must want freedom more than we want our family’s approval.

Together we can escape the trap of fitting in their cookie cutter lives and bring on to ourselves the shower of love + approval we thought we needed from them.

We – as intuitive creative changing the world CEOs must let go in all the wild creative ways that we can so our children’ children can look back on our generation and say:

Oh yeah, this is when the world healed. 

When our grandmothers said f’ it to getting their family’s approval

and just did what their intuition guided them to.

Whose with me?


Eva I already love you and so look forward to holding you in my arms one day

and show you,

that me too,

I made all of my positive thoughts come true

and I live on a happy fairy dove ranch

with unicorns and children and fruit trees

and the reason I saw you there today

is because

I created it

and gave it to you as my legacy.

Danielle Dove can help you with

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