Raise Your Vibe – When Affected by the News

Every day, we hear about things seemingly getting worse, not better.

Yet you are powerful enough to do something about it.

And it has to do with raising your vibe so high that you actually change the thoughts of people around you from negativity to positivity.

Now I’m not saying to raise your vibe and ignore what you feel. I’m actually suggesting we go into those very feelings of fear/anger/depression etc and clear them with the light so you naturally pop back up. Dogs actually ‘shake off’ fear every moment of the day, as soon as something happens. Adults forgot how to do it, but here’ show I suggest you release that energy so you become much more powerful in your thoughts and in your very real yet invisible energy.

Yes, you are that powerful.

Join me in first clearing your energy so that you can be high, connected and intuitive for the world.

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