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Ever sat around endlessly to finish a project only to end up deeply disapproving of yourself because …

you should have gotten this done already…

5 minutes later – the work is still ongoing and you’re still wondering?

Why isn’t this done already?

It’s a vicious cycle that leads to deep self (or other’s) disapproval – but either way, if not released, leads to poor sense of self, lack of energy and also a lot of productivity losses.

If you are managing a team – approving of them can also lead to a much more friendly work space.

The number one cause for toxicity at work is disapproval either covert or overt.

It sends people right back to feeling 5 again at school for the first time and completely incapable of stepping up.

So will you join me in doing your best this month to let go of disapproving of yoruself and others about you – save yourself a lot of energy and sanity and instead send them high beams of love and approval?

And then join the discussion in our Facebook group.



PS: If you are in a managerial position – then you do have control over how things go at work based on how much you are approving of your team vs. disapproving.

Same thing if you do sales on the phone and wish to get more ‘yeses’ than nos.

I know my friend and former client Joanna who is in Singapore will tell you – how much this exercise helps her every day lead a team she loves.

And check out her quick success story (one of many she has send me).

Joanna works in corporate in marketing and is also a great Numerologist/intuitive. We worked together for several years but again this year for 3 months and I checked in with her recently…she was on a vacation in the UK…

“On my end, I have this peace and calm around me, it is as if I am walking and sitting under a beam of light. Maybe post vacation calm! But I feel bigger than myself such that people are recognizing that calm enough to approach me for advice freely.  Know what I mean?  Magnet.  And I don’t feel tired talking to them like I used to.”
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