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Peaceful Summer: Angel Messages

Hello sweet souls,

Your angels wanted to let you know all the wonderful ways you can ask for help this summer + anytime you need them.

We often hear of devastating events happening around us. It can make some of us sensitive empowered souls feel like we are not doing ‘enough’ to help … Yet the angels wanted you to remember:

Do not forget your incredible power in manifesting the ideal.

So you see forests being cut down and animals maltreated? You can change it.


With your eyes closed, breathing and visualizing.

That is how powerful your meditations can be. We welcome you to “mediate with angels”. Call on the divine energy to blend with yours for in that moment you are more like them and when you are more like Angels and Spirit, you can create a reality that is your heaven on earth. We welcome you to ask us for help: for within your request is the seed of creation. In other words, when you ask, you do so seeing the end result already manifested. In asking and praying, you become the director of the movie and we are simply your powerful get it done assistants.

Imagine having a list of prayers that keep getting answered one after the other?

“No that’s not possible” we hear you speak.

Why wouldn’t it be? You can choose to live in a dark impossible world, which some of you have made that decision very clearly, or you can choose to live in a world of possibilities with completed products and experiences that do come out to better the world and everyone in it.

To you dear one we say:


Believe in all things possible for you are born, aren’t you not? You were created and that my friend is a miracle in itself.

This summer remember to ask us to:

  1. Clear traffic when you are on your way to a busy area such as the beach or on a roadtrip.

  2. Visualize and allow for a parking spot.

  3. Ask for cooler days when it gets too warm for your and your family.

  4. Ask for all the freshest food to be available to you on your path.

  5. Ask and know that we will help you be most comfortable.

  6. Meet and spend time with the highest and best of friends who are always in the highest and best of moods.

  7. Sink into that warm perfect feeling of living in the moment.

  8. Help your children learn they can manifest and visualize positive outcomes as well. Empower them with the knowing their prayers are answered when they ask for help and that their angels are listening.

  9. Imagine a child who wants to be home with this mom and still play with this friends. Perhaps he can join his mother’s vision and see her doing very well earning passive income for the whole family.

  10. Doreen virtue excelled as an adult because she was taught early on the power of manifesting with out doing … but with praying and seeing it already with her.

If you don’t think you are worthy of having all of your prayers answered then add more details to them. They might just seem impossible because you are only looking at the book cover and not the actual story behind the prayer.

If you were to pick up a book that said: “loose weight in 30 days” and you never ever had lost weight before you may think it is not possible.

Yet if you take the time to read the book and testimonials with the simple “how to”, you may begin to believe that it is possible for you too.

That’s what we would like you to realize in learning about Danielle’s story and the power of meditation:

it is possible for you too.

It is possible to heal, save time, and create avenues where there were none before. Read into someone’s heart and have the right words to communicate. Be in the moment fully and realize your infinite potential in all ways.

We love you warmly and you can ask us for anything. See it done. We are with you always, Danielle + Wise Ones of the Light.

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