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No, you don’t need their approval, you just need yours.

In this week’s blog post we explore one of my ultimate past times: love.

Love as an energy that can be molded according to our wishes: as an energy that is truly alive in our heart chakra.

Like a boomerang, it brings back with increasingly more speed exactly what we send out.

It’s a magical way to transform any lack of wealth or happiness back to abundant source energy: love.

I think of love on a daily basis.

I think of the way it expresses itself through my words and actions

I think of it when I put my entire focus on my third eye, quieting my mind, receiving love from stillness as my being becomes one with its very own source of divine love

I think of it when I write to you.

When I make breakfast.

When I walk under the shade of a breeze,

a tree,

a cloud.

A downpour of rain from a heavy sky.

And there I see love in so many colors.

There I feel love’s infinite reaches.

Like a multi-armed goddess, she (love) surprises me with how many ways she can show her love to me in one day.

She was there too, one afternoon, over a smoothie talk of spirituality and relationship when a new friend asked me:

Well how do I know when someone say they love me that what they feel for me is really love?

You can only feel the love you give, I replied immediately.

We both took a breath.

You can only feel the love you give.

If you rely on only feeling loved when someone happens to feel love for you, then yeah, you may really be wondering if that person truly loves you.

You can only feel the love you give.

You can only feel the love you give: hayden and dog

It’s been in my head (and his head) like a mantra.

We can only feel the love we give.

I thought of a perfect example to tell him:

I was having breakfast one morning in France with my son on my lap and all of a sudden I felt tremendous love for him. I hugged him close to my heart and told him:

Je t’aime mon amour!

Immediately, he giggled and told me in his sweet little voice:

Je t’aime maman!

Before he shared his love for me, I already felt whole and all loving.  I felt so joyful and exuberant (thanks to a spiritual program I put into action every day).

And that love gave him a ball of love to throw back at me and render me speechless.

He was barely putting two words together at that point but there in that moment he could put 3 together.

I felt like our heart chakras were playing ping pong with each other.

No, I love you.

No, I love you.

In truth,

we were just being all loving.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.49.30 PM

LOVE & your Financial Goals: How learning about love can hep you your finances

We live in a vibration where the energy we have when we enter the situation is the same energy we’ll have when we get out: only it multiplies.

So whatever you start out of lack, you will get more of it.

I tell this to my entrepreneur friends who want to make money because they don’t have any: are you setting down goals from a place of lack?  You’ll end up with more lack. you might make the money but you’ll manifest ways to lose it just as quickly.

Ever tried to work your way out of debt or getting some of those annoying fees off on your credit card or bank charges?

If you call the rep feeling lousy in a bad mood and pissed off, did you get what you wanted?

It’s mathematically impossible in today’s vibration to get love or positivity by being pissed off and aggressive.

LOVE & your Relationships:

Or the typical fight over diner: let’s have the talk we think might help us feel more in control right?

Our partner may be doing something (or not doing something) that resonates old wounds of lacking love/control or safety in us and we think ‘talking about it’ from that place will change it.

Has it ever brought you more love?

I would say from my experience, it probably brought on even more lacking out of control feelings.

Try having the talk when you feel really good and all loving about yourself and you’ll get that back.

The outcome will astound you.

Here’s what Jennifer experienced last Friday during our amazing Freedom Party:

I just want to say thank you for the amazing meditation on the 4th of July. I enjoyed every minute of it. I was able to release a fear that I had no idea even existed within myself. I had mentioned that I have longed to start a photography business and so what I got out of the meditation really surprised me. A vision kept coming to mind, of my mother holding me as a baby. She was walking around the living room of my grandmother’s old house where we lived at the time. I was seeing this vision in third person so it didn’t feel like a memory. The fear I felt the most was fear of approval, and then later in life my memories with her brought fear of control, but fear of safety never entered my mind. Every time that vision came to mind I felt sadness, anger, deception, resentment, and I couldn’t stop crying. Your meditation helped me release my fear of approval, and helped heal a broken bond with my mother that I thought would never be fixed. You helped me go from a 10 to a 3 and then soon to a 0. Now when I look back on that vision I’m not crying, but I’m smiling and I feel love and happiness. — Jennifer T.

Welcome to planet earth in its ascension process.

We only get to experience what’s inside of us embedded in our energy bodies (our chakra systems) so we can be sure to release it.

That’s why I say, you can always heal and release what you can find, the key is being willing to find it.

heal what you can find

Because somewhere within your energy body is the reason – the source – as to why you are manifesting or experiencing love or lack in key situations.

Want to go free with me?

Think about a situation that really bothers you right now.  A situation in which you feel out of control, dis-empowered and it keeps happening… Tell me out of loud, really, I am listening.

What sort of feelings awaken in you through living this experience and situation?

Can you recall ever feeling this way before this situation came into your experience?

What happened?

So can you see that your current situation is only re-occuring, but the original source was already inside you?

You already had felt this way before so the good news is if that situation removes you from experiencing yoruself as love, it’s an energy that is coming up to be released.

Can you see how this situation is actually happening to help you?

To free you of a pattern, of a stuck energy?

That’s how powerful you are!

That’s how much Source wants to help you.

That’ show much Life has your back.

Even when things go missing,

Even when doors close and when you experience lack, it if always and forever more trying to help you get back to your authentic divine self.

Who you truly are.

Like that all loving newborn love.

Without the thumbprints on top of your pristine beautiful living chakras.

Ready to fly some more?

Here are 3 recordings to help you release the lacking feeling inside your cells and your chakras.

You can only release what you find when love is the light that shines on it.

So get worked up on things that bring up love inside of you and then thinking of the experiences that keep coming up… instead of focusing on them specifically, focus back on you.

What’s the lacking feeling?

Lacking love/approval?

Lacking safety/security?

Lacking control?

Just hit play on whichever it is and within a few minutes keep surrender it all back to love.

At your service and if you want to play some more, I have  a survey coming up for you soon where I need your feedback to tailor this summer and fall’s programs.

As always with more love than I can describe, from within my heart, to yours.

Ping pong time.



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