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My Mission & Values

My Why

Everything I create here at has always been to help awaken the highest level of love in the heart of sensitive and overwhelmed women (and sometimes men too).

I started with myself and when the powers that be thought I was connected enough to start lighting up other hearts, I started to teach this work.

Along the way I have realized one truth: we are all either in one of two states of being.

We are either 100% intuitive, all loving and at peace with ourselves and everyone around us….or on the other end of the spectrum we are emotional, upset and very much non intuitive, disconnected and most often pissed off or irritated.

Freedom is getting to choose when you are in the later to move to the former.  As a freedom party hostess, I help you make that shift, consciously.

Purpose Driven Business

I run a purpose driven business, meaning that my values are embedded in what I do from production to delivery.

I believe in non-violent communication, in open mindedness, willingness to change and learning through doing. I always question my motives and make sure they are heart centered and come from a peaceful abundance source within.

From there, I co-create products and services to help the world heal, so far I love helping divorcing moms go from angry to all loving and free. 

Giving Back

If you choose to invest your time and money into one of my products and services, here’s what you should know about me:

– I am the sole proprietor of my LLC which means every year the money in the business passes through to me personally.   I save 10% of that money and give it back to charity.

The charities I donate to are always either to preserve the Amazon forest, to furnish battered women shelters and children orphanages.  Eight women a day are killed due to domestic violence and the children left behind need help and resources to heal.  I also donate money to Alcoholic Anonymous for most men who commit domestic violence are intoxicated and they too, need a helping hand through this.

– Throughout the year I also ran scholarships and donate my products for women who are

  1. teachers in at risk neighborhoods,

  2. single moms and

  3. moms recovering from domestic violence.

Back in the day, I used to offer Make it a Meal workshops at Whole Foods around Las Vegas. It was full of fruits and kids would stop by to make a meal out of fruits. I got to connect with children and their parents and teach them how to pick good juicy ripe fruits to make it a delicious meal.

In my town now, I am putting together a proposal to take care of our many wild fruit trees, collect their fruits and sell them on the farmer’s markets creating jobs for the youth here in town who struggle to find employment.

How I live my purpose

– On a more personal note, I grew up in the country in the South of France (right where I live now) and so I have always been aware of the environment. I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Environmental Studies as well as worked for the Institute of the Environment at UCLA to in the fundraising department.  I learned a lot working with green celebrities.  They taught me that one could be working on movies and have nothing to do with ending the war in Darfur or coral reefs, and yet still have a message that impact millions of lives through the choices they made.

– Regularly, I shop at the organic farmers markets in my town and when that sweetness is not happening, I go down to my local BioCop which is French for C0-Op, where everything is fair trade and organic.

– I clean with natural products, reuse shopping bags and if you ever come visit you will see 3 things in my kitchen: my compost piles full of organic banana peels, my recycling and my regular garbage.

– I walk everywhere and don’t own a car. I take the bus if I need to go to the next town (which here in France is a very nice bus).

– I love everything nature, goddesses, shaman earth energy and even use a cup for my menses (best thing ever, ladies).

– I am as close to the Eco-mom / attachment parenting as it gets: cloth diapers, wood toys, second hand toys and clothe, breastfed for way longer than I want to admit (all-right 2 whole years, he stopped on his own), I had a drug free delivery (not pain-free unfortunately) at home by the way, and my little man is now 3 and a half.

– I was a single mom for about a good year before meeting my new love a year after my son’s father and I separated.  Again, as I said above, I live and breathe my purpose of love and peace and so have kept an amazing relationship with my ex and my mother in law and we continue to be one big happy family (although I don’t have a perfect record if you ever want to ask them lol).

Can you help me help them?

If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship or are a struggling single mom or a teacher in an at risk neighborhood, I would love to throw you a freedom party and invite you to take my Awakened Heart Journey.

To be notified next time I run a scholarship in 2015, please send me a quick email at

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