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My Hot list of 4 Energy Tricks

Fatigue is about the bigger health issue I love to hate. Having energy to pursue all of my passions and get my to do list close to ‘done’ is something I deeply love. Being unable to think clearly because I feel too tired feels like such a downer.  Can you relate?

I am also too sensitive to drink coffee or green tea so I truly only rely on my breath, my energetic connection to source and frankly enough sleep and plenty of play to have and keep the energy I need all day long.

That’s why I put this hot list of energy tricks to keep up with life’s many fun joys from running your biz and life just the way you would like to caring for your loved ones (and that includes you too).


#1:  Worry & Negative self talk make the top of this list as being one of the biggest energy zappers. If there’s something in your life you resist (and if you are worried about it, waking up at 2 A.M. thinking about it, you are probably resisting ‘what is’) it creates a double energy whammy.

One, you are holding in mind what you don’t want which is exhausting in and of itself but two, you are pushing against it as though swimming upstream. Total energy killer.

Neutralize the energy spiral

Try this instead: Take some time to stop what you are doing and communicate what you are feeling to someone/something neutral: a piece of paper (outside under a tree if possible), a friendly ear who will just hold space for you (such as a chakra sister you could have met here), but get the darn thoughts out of your head.

If you feel too tired to hold on, you have permission to let go

How do you normally deal with fear or worry?

Do you eat/watch TV/shop/complain about it?

Instead, let’s brainstorm 5 ways to release the worry or fear through to completion Sometimes there’s fear about facing the issue and fear about the issue itself, either way, both will take energy from you so call on friends, angels and guides and get up the courage to face what is causing you so much fear and worry. It’s usually never as bad as it looks.

For example, if you are so worried and can’t sleep, instead of turning on the TV, try going into the feeling instead…

You could connect the feeling to an energy in your stomach or chest and actually welcome it up, sit with it and send it love.

Yes. LOVE.

Have you heard that what you resist persist?

It’s so true, right?

Well let me add to that and say that what we love, dissolves. So next time you feel awful, have a headache or feel really tired, try opening up your heart to it like you might to a child who fell down and needs some TLC.

Notice if your energy goes up and the pain/headache/fatigue goes down.

That takes us to my next energy trick:

Keepin’ track of your energy level

Once you brainstorm a few more solutions to release your worry notice if what you are doing is helping you feel lighter (and more energized) or heavier and more tired/sluggish/shitty?

Notice if after 3 hours with a friend (or during a certain activity) you feel exhausted, then keep a mental note to leave after 2 hours instead.

When you notice what gives you energy and what takes energy away you are actually practicing Happiness Pillar Numero 4: Self Knowledge and the more you know yourself, the less likely you are to feel depressed, tired, lifeless.

And if that friend or situation is draining you, you could grab your badass earth angel sword and cut your cord of attachment to the problem or person.


Which leads us to our #2 biggest energy drain:

Energy cords

If you catch yourself excessively worrying about something or thinking of someone, you could have created an energy cord to them from one of your chakras to theirs.

Why can this drain you of energy?

It can ‘un-ground’ you from the present moment where your energy runs into the earth and spread it throughout multiple places.

Most clients I work with when they come to me really tired I notice where their energy is: it’s often all the way out somewhere else. So we bring it back and ground it right here in the present moment and we get anyone else’s energy out of their energy field.

Then everything is all good. The energy flows again and they have more energy available to face and be with what is.

It’s not always the fault of someone or something that causes an energy drain.

Sometimes it’s where out attention goes.

Even vacations can drain us

Ever felt really tired after a vacation or right before?

Once back home, are you still ‘there’ resisting being back or visualizing too much wishing you were going on vacation and still resisting the now? This could zap your energy because it takes you out of the now, which is where you creative power is.

Instead, bring your energy back with you and ground as soon as you are back, even if you really wish you were still there and instead, create a pipeline of energy from there to you here and you keep your energy here.

You can learn how to create pipelines of energies from sacred places around the world to your home with Archangel Metatron in my Manifest Sacred Spaces ecourse now available for download (total plug-in on my part but the course is really worth it for your energy levels + you get it for free when you sign up for my mercury retrograde surfing lessons!)

manifest sacred spaces

Get your Game On

Energy Drain #3: Not playing enough can stop your natural joy and enthusiasm for life itself.  This is where the stubborn overachievers kick themselves in the butt when they can’t let go until one more thing is done on their to do list (can you tell I speak from personal experience? ;).

But really, with love, I am calling you out on it because if you don’t let go when you’ve hit that point of no return, it’s twice as likely you will drain out twice as fast.

And have you noticed how the work you end up doing at that point usually needs to re-done?


Playing gooffy silly is a natural energizer.

Doing what you love will fuel you from morning to night and as you know, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

We all know play frees up our imagination, our creativity and is so contagious!  Personally, my fun fanny pack Friday videos gave me enough energy to write a newsletter every week for the past 7 months! (I did miss one week because I was playing on the beaches of the French Riviera 😉

So what’s the new energy brilliant tip: Think childlike! Eliminate shoulds out of your day and dare to only do what you love for one afternoon. Take yourself on an artist date. Paint and color with your kids (if you have any, if not borrow someone else’s). Watch children at the park and see how happy and exuberant they are. Borrow some of that!  It’s in you too!

I have seen business men in cities run after my son’s soccer ball and play with him during their lunch break and completely transform from gloomy tired looking guys to guys so light up with life and energy.  Seriously, try it sometimes. Take a toddler to a busy city where people are having a lunch break and see what happens. Who knew a soccer ball could transform people that quickly and take them back into their heart? #sofun

Remember energy begets energy. Surround yourself by happy light energies and you will naturally buoy back up.  And if you have little ones interrupting your flow, take interruptions as natural energy breaks. Recharge in their presence be fully in the now and watch your energy come back up.

Finally I end this hot list of energy tricks with my ultimate favorite energy gain: connecting to Source Energy.

The divine is my love. Literally. I have been breathing, living, dancing, playing, traveling, loving everything through the pink lenses of being immensely in love and in awe with divine source energy (and it includes mama earth too). I can’t walk down a street of trees without feeling deeply connected to every single cell of life around me and swimming in unison with all of it.

In other words: get your fix where energy is infinite.

Meditation is a time where I recharge and plug in my roots and my crown to the light and to higher beings because what I focus on –  I become. Mama earth is infinitely abundant with a self regenerating ecosystem (how awesome is that!?) and angels and guides live on such a high frequency they have zero material needs and yet can be everywhere with anyone at a moment’s notice. Talk about manifesting magically everything that you need? Instead of connecting ad nausea horizontally to everyone around you (TV/Radio/Phone calls/Work/Activities) spend a few minutes getting your energy fix vertically by putting your entire focus on your 3rd eye and calling on the light (which we do over at Meditating with Angels).

So to sum up my dearest, whenever you need an energy boost, make sure:

  1. There’s nothing or no one you are worried about, if so, turn it around.

  2. Your energy field is clean of anyone else’s and you cut your cords daily.

  3. Get your sweet buns outside and go play! Sleigh, ski, skate, make a snowman, invite friends over to play ‘Times Up’ be silly, goofy and get inspired by children.

  4. Finally meditate to tap into source energy vertically as often as you can.

There you have it! My hot tips of energy tricks.

Your turn to share some energy brilliance with us, what do you think of these tips? Have you used any in the past and felt your energy level get back up? If you have any tips, include them below, I love learning from you.


Mercury Retrograde
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