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My #1 Tips for Sensitivity at Work

Feeling sensitive at work, especially after work meetings or overall interactions with people?

It’s totally normal.

If you are sensitive to energies, you are Clair-Sentient – meaning you clearly feel energies, feelings and emotions often not even your own.

So how can you still go to work, give your best and function at your best without feeling drained and bogged down by everyone around you?

It truly begins with first deciding you are the boss of your own energy and while, it’s great you are receiving messages in the form of energy – since you can feel it – you are always free to say – thank you I got the message now what?

My #1 Tip is to ask questions after you received the message (if you aren’t clear on what to do). My other #1 Tip is to clear your space of all fears and resistance.

Join the conversation and let me know what you go through at work and how I can help you.

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