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More Energy Now (Share + Be Aware)

They say once you move into the heart,

Energy abounds

They say once you live in Courageousness,

No longer must there be pride,

Anger, Fear, Apathy….

The angels + masters (who are walking this earth among us) have shown me freedom IS possible.

They didn’t just whisper it to me halfway in some midnight dream


They have showed it to me…At times, literally with signs that leave me wondering:

“How the heck do they do that!?”

And other signs that’s more like a gentle caress….softly spoken…softly reminded…heard and felt..

“Beloved One,Why should you seek anything outside of your own heart?Why ask for approval to come from (_______) when you know it always comes from within?You will feel the most love when you give love!(Ok BUT what about helping others and my life purpose….what should I do?)We understand..some people can’t pick up everything and follow you…not yet.Your purpose (besides going free) is to keep the train coming and going so thatwhoeverwheneverhoweverAnyone meant to get on the train can join you when it’s time.”

My doubts soon follow the divine guidance… “I am not even sure what I have to offer is ‘worth it'”.

I take that lovely doubt and I bring it through the 5 Pillars of Happiness… I examine it, I love it into oblivion and I keep my mind clear and quiet.

And then there’s this energy.

It won’t quit on me. It keeps me going, courageously, hand stands and all, living life in utmost joy and freedom.

So there you have it. If you feel like getting on the train and putting some (or all) of the pieces of your soul

back together

Healing Dove Therapy has been known to help quite a few people

Yet ultimately, you have to be the one to walk out and free yourself.

You have to be the one who will take the steps (every day for hours) that are sometimes necessary to get clear + free.

You have to do it for yourself.  I can only show you the path to take.

You are the only one who can decide…. where do I get my energy?

Coffee? Life? Doing what I love?


I decided a long time ago it was more important for me to go free, then to work so I could have more money to buy clothes + car + cell phone that would give me love and approval from the world, when in truth I always had it within me all along.  So I got rid of the work, the clothes, the car and the cell phone.. and I discovered,

That’s what that quote means! You know the one about journeying all over the world looking for something that was at home all along.

“Home” isn’t: “I must go back and live where I grew up”…No. It means we circle the world looking for things we had within ourselves all along.


I have my greatest teacher ever to thank today…

She is with me by my side day in and day out.

And that person is


I get to keep me out of the jail cells of self-disapproval, self-denial, self-judgment.

I get to use the 5 Pillars of Happiness daily, hourly even.

I get to ascend and have these amazing moments of inner peace and deep clarity without having to

shop to get it

eat to get it


have sex

or hummm

what else

oh yeah

take drugs

or drink alcohol

What have you decided to do to get free… glorious most beloved one ?

Start the conversation! Share and Be Aware 🙂

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