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Meditation Queen: Living it Manual

Meditation Queen by Danielle Dove

You are a busy woman with lots of responsibilities at work and at home.

You love your job but struggle to find time for peace + calm at work.

Home life suffers from too many activities in and around your life.

I created this free offer to inspire you to include spirituality + meditation

throughout your day and to make it acceptable and needed to meditate at work.

Hang a meditation sign on your doorknob

Return to the boardroom with profitable ideas you cooked up with a bit of intuition, angels and light.

 Do it differently

Instant Free Download for Business Entrepreneurs who are struggling with stress, lack of time and overwhelm.

Sign up for the newsletter to the right and it’s yours to keep for life.

It will help you raise the vibration of your home and business to manifest

Peace at Work

and Success in your Life.

Lead with Guidance from Within + Above.

Improve your productivity

Communicate with the right words to be effectively heard

Channel your Inner Meditation Queen to love + loose any extra pounds

Clear your aura and Shine Brightly tonight, tomorrow and at work.


I am available for

  1. 1 on 1 clarification sessions to activate & heal your intuition as a CEO/Leader/Business Owner.

  2. Group meditations for corporate clients or private clients.

  3. Multi-Leveled Training workshops to uncover your employees’s gift of healing & intuition.

Imagine having a team of conscious, peaceful, heart centered employees who know how to cut cords of fear and resentment, heal themselves and others and provide authentic heart based customer service to your clients.

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