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Love me some Mercury Retrograde…and THRIVE (no really)

Let’s be honest. You may be feeling extremely sensitive these days. If you feel like your energy is under attack, feel overly sensitive to bright  lights, sounds and too much interaction, it is normal.

I feel like this should go in all caps IT’S NORMAL!!!

There is nothing wrong with you. The planet Mercury is retrograding until February 11th 2015 and without getting too complicated with the astrology lingo, it’s a good time to just breathe. Walk away from whatever triggers you and breathe a ton. Take more breaks to hide under the covers and breathe, old stuff is coming up NOT to ruin your day but to help you release it so you can ultimately thrive.

Truly, feeling this way below can help you thrive…if you can practice this one essential tip I share with you in this week’s (rather hilarious) video.

It’s called the Mercury Retrograde Survive + Thrive Guide:

+ How to Improve your Health, Wealth + Love during the next Mercury Retrograde

and you can take the 3 question survey here.

Let me know here (on the private facebook world – where else?) which one you want to improve most…Health? Wealth? Love? Let’s put our brains together and see why you chose that one and how we can help you thrive during the next 3 weeks.

The good news?

While Mercury doesn’t know about deadlines, hungry kid and dirty laundry, it does know how to slow your life way down to free up unreleased blocks in your unconscious so you can thrive in all areas of your life: wealth, creativity, power, love, intuition.

All you need to do to get into a space of going along with mercury and where it wants to take you is to practice saying this word to yourself and all emotions/desires that spring up from the depth of your emotional body this month:


Yes to feeling tired, scared, cranky.

yes to wanting to sleep when it’s time to work,

yes to eating lunch at 10AM,

yes to carbs,

yes to walks,

yes to water,


whatever you need, want, desire, go within, listen, stop what you are doing and breathe.

because I promise you what you say yes to, you help dissolve and soon enough you will be back here….where everything feels better.

happiness in love danielle dove

Health? Wealth? Love? All it takes is focus.

As you heard me mention in the video, mercury can help you improve something you have been waiting to improve in your life.

But it does need your focus.

When you take the quick 3 question survey you will see that at the end it asks you which one you would like to see improve the most?

Health? Wealth? or Love?

Pick one you want to focus on and work on for the next 4 weeks.

And if it happens to be LOVE, I have something very special from yours truly coming up next week…

It has a bit to do with the Law of Attraction and Twin Flame Love.

And 4 Archangels.

Alright love,

It’s not always easy to get my head out of Mercury’s behind to still publish, work, and play during the retrograde (I do want to hide under the covers and eat lunch at 10 am – and I did – and MIRACLE – all of this sweetness still came through).

Grateful I can pass on the light to you (and a bit of fun I hope too)



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