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Love fuel at its best: how to create without burn out

Hi there party pants!

I love V Day!!

I love love.

The idea that an entire world is celebrating ‘love’ in all aspects and that it comes in so many shapes and colors…humm makes me so happy high just to think of it.

I love it even more than all the other years this year

even though I am ‘single’

with a baby

by myself in the south of France

I love it sooo much

Why ?

My ex broke up with me and is now cooing with another lovely blond blue eyed younger babe…why should I be so incredibly happy and ecstatic about love?

Because of one incredible gift I received this year.

This gift gives me the possibility to receive the type of love that is right for me.

I can make time in my calendar for it, so I don’t ever have to hit burn out again as a single mom and multi-passionate entrepreneur.

It feeds me so well, I barely need anything else to fuel my dreams and desires.

It’s not right for everyone.

What I received this year might be so wrong for some of you.

And what you need to feel loved up might be totally wrong for me.

What the heck am I talking about?

After leading 20 brave souls through the heart activation last summer here in the South of France something started shifting inside me.

I grew closer back to me, my needs and my truest desires.

Heck a year ago I didn’t know what my values were.

I was so lost in loving everyone else so much and giving so much I forgot what was important to me.

I wanted my husband to succeed and my son to be happy more than I remembered what Danielle needed.

The heart activation was the catalyst to get me to release the cob webs and to come truly closer back to me and my center.

Sounds nice right?

It’s so worth it.

All that I create now, I do it from a place inside me that is filled up by that love I now actually recognize as love.

When I write or speak I do it from the heart up to my mind and voice.

Creating without the heart is an exhaustive dead end.

You know that right?

I know I am talking to other uber passionate creative entrepreneurs or you wouldn’t do what you do.

You have had amazing success in your life, but have you felt like something was missing?

When I created retreats and wrote e-courses thinking others around me could fill me back up.

I burned out badly.

They didn’t fill my heart with love because I didn’t know what could.

Only I can know what fills me up the most effectively.

The answer came for me when I finally understood my love language.

You ready for this?

It’s not gifts and pretty expensive things (sorry sissy)

It’s not even compliments really.

Or physical touch, although that’s nice.

‘Service’ is getting closer to my heart.

Ultimately it’s quality time that truly hits the spot.

I had to move to the South of France to realize…

“hummm, spending quality time either with myself exploring a new city, reading a book by a tree, having adventures in the moment with my son and friends really does it for me!”

If you want to show that you appreciate me on any level,  just hang out with me.

Go for a walk, make a meal, watch a movie, meditate, play, breathe, hike, camp, create, dance, just be.

It sets my heart on fire and my creativity unleashes!

Bring over a gift and I wouldn’t know what to do with it unless we could spend time with it, like baking, playing, dancing…

There are 5 love languages.

  1. What’s yours?

  2. And how can you allow more of it in your life?

Want a life shifting hint?

What you give to others with the most joy is your love language.

I have to bow to Gary Chapman and his incredible work on the love languages.

Here are the 5 love languages I learned from reading his books (in parenthesis):

  1. Love making things for someone?  (quality time)

  2. Love buying gifts?  (gifts)

  3. Love making a meal?  (service)

  4. Love holding hands, being in contact with others? (touch)

  5. Love doing something for someone? (service)

  6. Love complimenting and saying how nice someone looks? (positive affirmations)

What you give to others to make them feel loved can be a huge indicator as to what you need from yourself and others to feel loved.

So this year sweet one, let’s fill you back up with the love fuel you truly need.

If you feel called to work with me and this is the right fit, I have limited sessions available this month.  Let’s do some serious clearing and set a plan for the year where you make small but frequent high quality re-fuel sessions. With love and magic,

Danielle Dove

PS: I have so much love and gratitude for my you my readers and friends on this journey…but what’s the point of me saying it if your love language is gifts and not positive affirmation? Or touch? You won’t feel or appreciate it as much as if I said it in the language you did understand. Come see if this invitation to find out is right for you. Only 2 spots available this month.

You deserve to know what your life could look like once you give to yourself the love fuel you can truly understand and feel as love (tweetables!)

And Pinterest-able:

PSS: Wondering about those hip shaking moves to cut them cords? Stay tuned on the blog this week-end. You might really enjoy + benefit from what you find there.

Here’s a little preview:

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