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Looking to make an impact locally? Watch this.

If you’re familiar with my story, I started most definitely to guide and lead meditation classes way before I was ready.

But when I showed up, so did 20 other amazing women, and I just.did it.

If you are wondering, how do I even begin creating a website, reaching out to people (finding them), watch this video I made to answer B’s question about her essential oil business.

It’s important you know there are people, next door literally, who need you and could use your help.

Quiet the mind and listen to your heart instead (I know it’s tough. Meditating with Angels can help with that too).

And while you’re there – ask your angels to help you – they truly are there to do just that.

After you watch the video, leave us a comment below with anything you’ve done or are trying to do to help you be of service through your business.

Special Reading Opportunity:

And if you need a reading or answers I’ll be happy to ‘tune in’ for you. Make sure you leave your first name and your question. 

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