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Living Life Led by Intuition

Updated: Jan 31

Hello dear earth angels,

First thank you for reading this and having your heart open to want to come back and read more of my newsletter/blog/story. I apologize for not writing much the past few months – I was ubber pregnant with a baby who is after all a large heavy 20lb baby now who has decided to begin crawling at the tender age of 7 months.

Yes we have bought a play pen and he is right now awaiting me to come and pick him up…he is a patient soul thank goodness!

To update you there is a large amount of work I have been doing and not sharing – so bad of me – sorry sorry!

First I recently was on a call with the wonderful Panache Desai.

He helped me realize there is NO-THING TO GET.

My hubby said:

it’s the most legitimate person you’ve introduced me to so far.


If you know Dan, then you know what it means!  

The link to listen to the replay can be found on Healing with the Masters***

Of course after the call, my first comment was ‘I don’t GET IT!’

Even if you aren’t interested in my experience, tune in to him, put your palms upwards and you will receive downloads of divine love, magic, intuition… it’s amazing!

Another little happening is a Goddess Revival Ascension Retreat in Hawaii 2012!

Yes I know it doesn’t sound so little but it’s totally out of my hands – I was told we would create a bridge of light from Vegas to Hawaii and that 8 women were coming from Vegas and 3 from Hawaii…

I told the kind Ascended Masters who have given me this assignment that I didn’t have the time with my little baby to put a retreat together.

And so that very day I get a call from a family friend asking me if she can come stay with me and be an aupair.

She is French young and fun.

How they do it, I don’t know but they sure know how to convince me!

I am also throwing in that I have to swim with dolphins when I am there cuz that would just be so beautifully awesome!

If you feel guided to join us – it will also include the Healing Dove Therapy curriculum and the certification – 5 days in Hawaii with dolphins, angels, and goddesses?

Oh and did I mention staying in a house all together with a co-op farm next door … vegetarian deliciousness anyone?

Yeah i know so hard to say no…

I felt the same when they told me.

Dates are either Sept 24-28 give or take a few days… or the next week October 1-5. Prices and details to follow up soon.

There is so much more coming up so stay tuned…

Oracle Cards for the 5 Pillars of Happiness are coming together – more artists needed if you are one and would like your art in the cards or on my upcoming ecourse called:

You can Read Oracle Cards Intuitively – coming up soon!

I love you so much.

Thank you for being kind to yourself today for in holding that intention you help shift the vibration of everyone around you.

You think of love and more love gets to go around.

I see it like spreading seeds all around the globe.

The wind takes it from there and seeds them wherever it is needed.

Have you ever cried so hard that at some point something came and held you – and you stopped the grieving?

I like to think someone somewhere felt me at that time and sent me love.

Offering me their one wing to merge with mine so that I could fly upwards.

I offer you my wing to fly today.


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