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Life Shifting Services

Hey there hot mama,

Wondering how to work with me one on one and what other services I may offer?

Here’s the updated scoop:

The Happy Soul eSchool

If you like DIY energy healing and self-discovery, the happy soul eschool is the place where your soul gets to remember its truth (what’s my life purpose ?) and receive empowering tools to step out flying into living your life purpose with 100% intuitive accuracy (Self Reliance Workshop: Discover your BS Detector)

Could you have given away your power to a parent/lover/boss and now struggle to live out your Plan A and go for your dreams?

It’s time to reclaim all of you back, clear your magical wand and find what’s missing  at The Happy Soul School.


magical wand clearing workshop

Manifest Sacred Spaces E-Course

A 5 week online adventure where you learn hands on how to raise the frequency of your home for peace on earth and in your own life. All peace begins with us and a sacred space will give you that reassurance when you come home: it’s safe to open up your chakras and connect safely with your guardian angels and your heavenly team of helpers awaking your OK sign to rush over and sparkle more juicy magic in everyone of your chakras, cut your cords and assit you in your day to day life  (and yes even your business and especially your life purpose!). Soon available at The Happy Soul School!

perfect sacred space on coffee table

Freedom Party Package

a powerful way to get rid of energy blockages, go deeper into your healing journey and discover more facets of your truth.  By using divine presence within my core, I hold a sacred space for magical healing to occur. Results vary but all are life shifting.

Freedom Party Package with Danielle Dove

And check back in for occasional live events such as the Spirit Guides and Angel Connection Retreat and the Heart Chakra Activations happening throughout the year.

heart chakra activation

Spirit Guide and Angel Connection Virtual Retreat

Any suggestions or ideas? Questions not answered yet on this blog?

Email them over to



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