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Law of Attraction and Twin Flame Love

Amazing News!

I am thrilled to report amazing news from some of the attendees who took the root chakra clearing meditation with me at Ganesha Center.  One lady, Nikki, wanted to be a mother for years and after I helped her during class, it is finally coming true for her!  I am celebrating this great news deep in my heart for I know how long the baby and mommy had been waiting to be together.

Talking about souls coming together at last… The self-paced Law of Attraction and Twin Flame Love E-course is to help you ascend to be in vibrational alignment with the most amazing, unconditional love of your twin flame.

I won’t lie…. It is truly for the broken hearted. I know there are many of you out there. I used to be one of them. I used to think love had to hurt. Until I changed my mind. Now love is forgiving, all giving, unconditionally supportive no matter what I say, or not say, do or not do, the love I have in my life is ongoing + amazing + supportive. and you can have it too. It’s waiting for you. It’s always been waiting for you. He or she is right now working on improving themselves so they can be better aligned with meeting you. When you start changing, your twin flame feels it too.* Five of my dearest friends are going through heart breaking separations and it is resonating something really deep within me that says: ‘It does not have to be this way for them….again!” 

The repeated patterns of going from one relationship to the next… looking for something better and always ending up disappointed can end. 

to have something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done before. 

Testimonial for the Law of Attraction Twin Flame Love Course

E-course is ready to begin this February 2013 but you can start it anytime you wish.  Each week you’ll receive a recorded meditation, a study guide and some fun at home healing projects to get you creative, healed and feeling complete.

Looking forward to holding your hand through this journey! + You get to use your intuition to name the price!

More Info for the course here.

You deserve it!

Heart to Heart Hug,

*If you are already in a relationship but find that he or she triggers your emotional body, this course is also designed to help you through those moments. It is for you even if you are in a relationship.  In truth, this course is for everyone whose had a life on planet earth and needs some TLC with the Archangels we’ll work with each week to bring you closer to that ever lasting unconditional love you deserve both in spirit and in life.

PS: Why do we need a self paced E-Course to work through old relationships, let go of the past and move forward with the Archangels watching over us? It helps us align ourselves with the most incredible love from within, which gets reflected on the face of our twin flame.  In the love of a twin flame there is such a spiritual oneness that everyone deserves to have! Stop looking for a soul mate, work on your emotional body first and you’ll ascend to higher vibrational love all around 🙂 Using one of the Laws of the Universe: Attraction, you’ll naturally attract higher quality love by simply doing some work on yourself first. It always begins with us.
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