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It’s ok to be healing as you heal others (Part 2)

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Wondering if you can come out of the spiritual closet to become an intuitive healer before your life is picture perfect?

yes you can.

My life is too messy to be a healer, I have to make my life better…first…don’t I?”

What if your life was a mess and your emotions a whirlwind and your relationships not the best because you were not walking the path of the healer you were born to be?

What if creating a life you loved began once you stepped on that path?

Do you really think all healers are healed forever and that’s it?

Louise Hay developed ovarian cancer even amidst being on the bestseller list and after having helped thousands of gay men with HIV in Los Angeles – she still had old resentments come up.

Doreen Virtue shares publicly about her many failed (and costly) marriages and difficult relationships.

Dear healing dove that you truly are, Can we sum up ‘healing’ as the internal experience of the frequency of peace for that particular situation you are facing in your life today.


Healing (and the ability to return to the frequency of peace) happens in different rhythms and tempos.

Hope you like dancin’ I will tell you a little story.

At certain times in my life, I felt incredible good in my professional and personal life. All of my needs were always met. I owned my house, my business, my car and got to travel sharing my love and light in the world.

Until divine timing brought me into the loving arms of my twin flame and we decided to make a baby intuitively. A whole new head to the dragon showed up to be examined, loved, and healed. I needed to bring back the frequency of peace into that newly discovered part of myself.

I had not had the best experience with the word ‘family’. It was always chaotic and violent at home. Lots of love and fun experiences, but very chaotic. So of course when I dived head first into a new family, I experienced a lot of pain and anger. Holy guacamole has it been a wild ride.

Good thing life brought me a patient + loving hubby, child and in-laws.

And good thing I had been raising my frequency to teach and facilitate healings professionally, because it allowed me to have discernment and faith:

this too can be healed..

None of the tools I had been using and teaching would work for this new experience.

HOW I was to return to the frequency of peace and WHEN was not up to me.

In fact it is never up to me how I heal myself or others.

While I wanted it all healed now.

It didn’t heal on my terms.

It required an entirely new experience. A move across a continent. Not to run away from the pain, but to heal with different tools at my disposal.

Here’s a little love and inspiration from one healing dove to another, if you need it, then use it, it’s powerful stuff when you believe:

It is not up to me to decide if I am healed or not.

It is up to Source and Life itself.

I trust Life places people and situations in front of me I have the tools to help, handle, heal.

If Life is placing clients and situations that need healing on my path, then I have to trust that Source and Life know best.

If this person is coming to me for help, then I have to trust I have all the resources within at hand to help them.

It is not up to me to ask ‘why me?’, it is up to me to simply say one very determining word:




& Thank you

What to avoid to be the best healer you can be:

Thinking you can heal yourself solo now that others come to you for healing. It’s a trap far too many established healers can fall into.

The life circumstances coming up to be brought back to the frequency of peace within have nothing to do with your competence as a healer. In fact they represent your next evolution. The teacher / healer / tools you may need for this new headed dragon may not be in your tool box. Stay in humility and faith and know that this too shall heal, and hand over to Life + Source the when and the how.

The ego’s fears and tendency to make you worst than or better than others.

Just meditate back into the frequency of peace,

bypass all the mind’s troubled thoughts and resentments and shoot right up to recall your


your soul’s gifts of healing

and share them on this planet in the way that feels best for you,

for that is exactly how we are waiting to experience those very sacred gifts of yours.

With love, sweet hugs and chocolates made in heaven,

Danielle Dove.

what do you think

PS: There’s a part 1 to this article floating in cyber space over here.

And if you need to remember how powerful you are a wee bit more today tonight this morning

wherever you are, here’s a bit more for cleaning out your manifestation wand:

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