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Is the mercury retrograde creating chaos in your life: here’s a way out.

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Honestly, surfer babes &amp; beaus, how is it going riding the mercury retrograde wave these days?

It’s a funky wave. It asks us to surf inward. The opposite way of what would normally feel comfortable. Something might even be dangling outside, it’s so pretty and you want to go for it, and yet something inside says:

No. Wait.

Ah the mixed messages of the retrograde. The more kaka in your heart and soul, the harder the retrograde is going to be.

And this week I give you a very special video + reading for my dear friend who had shared with me her very unique view of the retrograde (I quote: “I can’t have my life go kaka every 3 months!’).

I know you may relate to her experience of mercury retrograding, so here is a fun video I loved making for you.

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<strong>What else can be happening during a retrograde? </strong>

You may have noticed random exes popping up again in your life, old bills re-surfacing, Anything you have been unwilling to face, now is honestly the easiest time to face it for it will be easier to let it go when the retrograde is happening. Keep in mind, it’s not so much about moving forward and taking action (you don’t have to call the ex or return the email/phone call), but about moving inward to deal with what it’s resonating in you fully through to completion.

<strong>Mercury Block Remover: </strong> Mercury, whom do I need to forgive? Wait. All questions are always answered.

And then, love what you find.

As always, your devoted chakra healer &amp; freedom party hostess 😉

xo Danielle.

PS: Keep in mind the retrograde happens 3 times a year, minimum, so whenever you are reading this, if you feel guided to hop on the Danielle Dove surfboard to meditate, heal and go free…come on by! I am sure there’s room for one more.

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