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Into the eye of a psychic

Hello Darling Souls,

This past week I had the honor of working on some really incredible clients and I wanted to offer you a sneak peak into the eye of a psychic (AKA my intuitive antennae).

Ah what beauty I see in the world when my eyes are closed and I am reading energies. Within seconds I can see the entire life of a man in his 80s, realize his wife is on the other side and see the major details of his life, without ever having to ask him.

The sweetest part of receiving that information is when I internally ask Spirit:

“Show me the truth”.

In that sweet moment, there is no ego and no words in my head.

I am a screen and Spirit shows me the movie, the images, so I can begin to formulate an understanding of the person’s life.

Whether it’s past or future, I am always the receiver and through my inner knowing I can understand what I need to do to help a person, from 0-99 and beyond.

I love being an energy linguist.

  1. I love that I only do it when I am given permission.

  2. I love that it helps me over diner when I feel my hubby really needs to cut his cords and I am able to tell him. And I love that he knows how to cut them in seconds.

  3. I love that I can clear my son of any energies he might carry around his little soul, helping him have a better night.

  4. I love that I can manipulate energies with angels and that they are my co-workers.

  5. I am so blessed and so grateful.

It gets even better.

Guiding someone to do what I do is the real gift.  I love being the loving witness when they start to awaken their own gifts and their own ability to read energies

It makes my wings flutter in utter bliss.


I believe it can heal our planet and save the human race. When we tune in energetically we are no longer identifying with our mind and our problems. When we realize the true power of our intuitive abilities we can understand the source of any physical or emotional pain and thus begin the healing process.

For example… The source of a headache?

  1. Some form of resistance to change and going with the flow.

The source of a neck ache?

  1. A relationship trying to control the other person.

A child having nightmares?

  1. A wayward spirit brought home from one of the parents which the chid senses.

Ear infections in children?

  1. Parents have been arguing around the child.

Throat chakra or thyroid issue?

  1. The person is not speaking their truth, or the right truth for them.

Need to know who your true parents were?

  1. I can see you in the womb of your mother, what she looked like, how she felt during the pregnancy and who was around you at your birth.

Sharing the Love:

I asked a client how he felt after our second session and this is what he said:

Yes I do. I feel better on my soul level.

Wow. Now that’s beauty. That’s down on my knees grateful for if the angels were able to touch someone’s soul in 2 sessions and help alleviate his human suffering on a soul level…. They are doing something right. I am doing something right.

How can you heal on a soul level?

The degree of the healing is equal to the degree of your surrender.

What is surrender?

Admitting you can’t figure it all out on your own. Admitting you need help. Admitting you don’t got it.

When my client admitted he needed help, the healing was instantaneous.

How did I become successful as an intuitive healer?

I surrendered to the gifts within my souls.

I stopped listening to my mind.

I created everything from my heart.

(psst….I still do).

Many moons ago I admitted I needed Spirit to help me and in return, I have been met with more blessings  I could have ever managed to create on my own.

Letting go is the first step to a happy soul…and perhaps the first step on the journey of the enlightened healer.

So thank you to many of you. You have come to meditate with me. Meet with me. Talk with me over the phone. And in calling me, my surrender has helped you understand your path on this planet past present or future and connect you closer to the angelic realm.

Remember they are much closer than you realize. Only a though away and help is on its way!

Love and light, Danielle.

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