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International Angel Day

Painting by Tanya Allason

On Sunday September 9th from 10-5pm

…Join us to Celebrate our Beloved Angels this year on International Angel Day….

Receive Messages from your Guides + Angels, Discover how to Create an Abundant Life with Angels + Fairies, …and take an Angel Art Piece Home With You + so much more…

Hosted by Danielle Dove with Ms. Bishop, Marilyn St Pierre, Rosa Catmull, Laurie Heroux and special readings by Courtney Laub and Diane Maguire.

$25 deposit required to save your spot due by September 5, 2012

International Angel Day came as an answer to Doreen Virtue’s prayers after 9/11. It is a day when Doreen and ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONERS® from around the world gather together to hold the light and make the pathway to heaven’s angels and inner peace that much easier.

Is this for you?

Whether you are already trained or totally new in the art of:

-Intuition, Connecting closely to Divine Angels and Archangel via Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance…

This special day holds the intention that everyone can open up to their natural gifts and ride the wave to see, hear and feel their angels.

Everyone’s unique intuitive voice and abilities are needed on the planet today.

Join us to better understand how angels work with us in our daily lives and how we can work with them as messengers and co-creators.

The day will begin with:

  1. 10am-10:45am Introductory Meditating with Angels by Danielle Dove

  2. (All Day) Oracle Card Reading with Danielle + Diane + Courtney, who are all Certified Healing Dove Therapy Practitioners.

  3. 10:45-11:30am A Relationship with Angels. Inspiring Talk about Angels by Ms. Bishop at the podium / cafe: “Angels, The Next Step”

  4. 11:30-12:15pm Break for lunch

  5. 12:15-1pm Laurie Connects you with Angels, discusses different types of angels + calling in the Archangels in your life

  6. 1-2:15pm Paint an Angel Art Class with Marilyn: “Marilyn will guide a meditation to stimulate your creative eye describing the various angels she sees and colors to open up everyone’s imagination to see their own angels. You will take a trip into the creative angelic realm”.

  7. 2:30-3:30pm Automatic Writing with the Angels by Rosa Catmull:“The Angels invite you to connect with them and allow their divine guidance to come through your writing.   Angels love to  transmit their healing energy  and enlightenment to your body and soul.This is a beautiful journey  that will increase your innate spiritual power of communication with the Angels.”

  8. 3:45-4:45 How to Manifest with our Beloved Nature’s Angels: the Fairies! presented by Danielle Dove

  9. Closing Meditation 4:45-5pm

~~Let yourself play on September 9th~~~

You will remember so much about yourself, your gifts and how easy it is to actually allow for energy healing to happen through you, as you, with you.

The price reflects the quality and commitment you will receive from Danielle Dove, and the other HEALING DOVE THERAPY PRACTITIONERS® who will assist us during the day long workshop.

10% of the proceeds will be donated to Baby’s Bounty a non-profit organization devoted to providing essential clothing and gear to babies born into disadvantaged families right here in Las Vegas.

RSVP on the Ganesha Center’s meetup page + send your deposit of $25 to save your spot to Ganesha Center – either by stopping by or sending a check or calling in with your credit card payment. Location + details on


  1. $25 to experience 1 class of your choice.

  2. $50 to experience 2 classes + Oracle Card Reading

  3. $75 to experience 3 classes + Oracle Card Reading

  4. $100 to experience all classes + Oracle Card Reading + Lunch at Ganesha Cafe + Receive 10% off Danielle Dove’s healing retreat in Hawaii this September 26-Oct 3 2012. 

  5. $200 gets you All of the Above + recorded private channeling from Archangels of the Light with a chakra reading + clearing to identify energy blocks in all 12 major chakras (including knees + hips). Danielle is offering this special service uniquely for I.A.D. as often angels have special messages to give us and Danielle will go into trance to pass these on to you + look at your energy body. You do not need to meet with Danielle in person as she will record the session for you and give it to you on IAD or shortly after. The session can take anywhere from 60-90minutes.  All we need is your full name + names of other loves ones that may come up in the reading, such as children, spouse and parents. Email Danielle at for more information.

  6. Deposit due by Monday September 5th, 2012

Click on the links below to learn more about each of our talented teachers:

– Laurie Heroux, Angel Therapist & Intuitive Healer

Thank you beloved souls,

I am happy to offer this incredible day again…

We’ve done it for 10/10/10 – 12 hours of holding the light

we’ve had our grand opening on 11/11/11

and let’s keep the magic going on 9/9/12!

We love you Ganesha!

Danielle Dove,

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