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How to Never Be Sick: 10 Tips that Can Change your Life

Have you ever wondered why some people get sick and others don’t?

Or certain viruses seem to get certain people but never come close to others?

Are you worried about getting sick this year?

What about having important deadlines or meetings and hoping you won’t get a cold or flu?

Read on Soul Journeyer to learn how I spoke the language of energy to a virus while in Panama and I told it, “I won’t lower my standards to let you in my consciousness, you can go on and find another host to glob unto.”

Health is a decision.

Wealth is a decision.

Being all loving is a decision.

Everything else, the sickness, the anger, the hung up, those aren’t decisions, they are programs and we are powerless to stop once they are running because they run our lives on automatic…

…Until you say, “that’s enough, I can get rid of you and replace you with a different program”.

It’s not that you can’t have health but that you won’t. Something in your consciousness believes: “I have to get sick if others are sick.”  Or “If the flu is going around I don’t want to get it but it’s probably going to get me.”

Now Dearest, let’s put our explorer’s flashlight on (ie: third eye) and go in deep to get rid of those programs. You are the one running the show and if you don’t need them, dump them!

A little more about Viruses + Programs:

Since Divine Source uses me as an example, getting this assignment while in Panama sort of caught me by surprise. A year ago my baby and I were getting sick every 3 months or so it seemed.  So when everyone around us started dropping like dead leaves to the wind with fever, body aches, cough and headaches I was sure we would be next.  But the virus never came near us.  It got my hubby with whom I slept, kissed and shared water bottles.  But for some miraculous reason, a miracle that required butt load of spiritual work, we never got the flu.

How did it happen?

I had a few good tricks up my sleeve.

1. The first one was my knowledge that viruses have a consciousness and they look for a host with similar beliefs. I learned that from Vianna Stibal in the book “Disease and Disorders”.*

So I kept affirming energetically with my entire being that I and the virus were no amigo and my consciousness was way up high among creator and angels where no viruses exist. Period. I was in Panama with a small baby and we were not getting that virus under any conditions.

2. I had a terrific ally with whom I had multiple sessions.  Her name is Marina Rose and she taught me that as a mom and a caring human being I had the belief I must get sick when my baby is sick so he knows I care about him.  The ever famous I’ll show him I have compassion by taking on the disease/illness.  Yuck! She got rid of it 9 months ago and I have been free and clear of colds even when my baby still got a couple of runny noses. I kept affirming that I loved him, and showed compassion without needing to get sick too!*

** I highly recommend you keep that affirmation handy as well if you ever start getting symptoms out of compassion**

Did you know that we willingly open up to the cold/virus by subconsciously saying to the virus, “I need that too so he or she knows I love them”. Or we say: “I am willing to take on your pain to help you.”  Now I know from past lives in Avalon and Atlantis and far away galaxies, at some point in time we could take on other people’s pain and suffering, transmute it powerfully and it could be gone from them and ourselves.  But it takes some strong knowing and practice, which I did do for someone who was not kicking the virus.  I literally lowered my frequency as though falling down a rabbit’s hole to get in touch with the virus and let it go.  More on that later…

3. I had spent 2 months doing the first pillar of happiness with the folks at Release Technique, ‘letting go’ of wanting approval, wanting control and wanting to be safe, which helped a lot when the virus came around, I just kept releasing all wanting and all non-loving feelings towards the virus.*

4. When we go into fear, we become aligned with the virus! It’s super important to know how to recognize you are in fear, how to release it and how to get back to a higher vibrational feeling of love or courageousness or just cool beingness: “I am ok if I get sick and I am ok if I don’t.”*

5.  Assert yourself! I have shared with you that I was not getting sick. I had made the decision that I and baby were going to be amazingly well and healthy and that even though I was sharing food, air and water with everyone else who was dropping with the flu, we were going to be just fine.  Don’t be afraid to put your foot down and roar if you have to 🙂 I did it recently at the airport after our car seat went missing at baggage claim and got $200 from the airline to buy a brand new car seat for Hayden.  Roaring + knowing you are worthy has its benefits.*

6.  Learn some easy herbal remedies.  I got a hold of an Oregano plant growing outside the kitchen where we were staying in Pedasi and chopped up the leaves, boiled water and sipped as much of it as I could (another benefit of breastfeeding, it all goes to the baby). Hayden had a slight fever for 2 hours, no cold, no runny nose but I thought, “ok mother earth, we’re in the tropical forest, you’ve got to have natural remedies around here, give me an herb!” What can help? Here was the Oregano plant growing strong and beautiful and we were on the beach playing that afternoon, no fever.*

7. Join us at Happy Soul School to learn how to heal yourself from the 7th plane of existence. Learning how to muscle test yourself and others is a must.  I use muscle testing on myself to find which beliefs I have and if they changed after I do the theta healing work. I use it to find out which homeopathic remedies I need to give my son when he has a cold. Theta Healing (by Vianna Stibal) is part of self knowledge (the 4th Pillar of Happiness). Obviously if we are holding on to a belief about ourselves and the world around us, giving our guides and angels permission to change it or changing it ourselves will help our lives and their dutiful purpose that much more.*

8. Learn some simple energy healing

techniques to begin re-awakening your divine powers as a healer.  Earth Angels in Training E-Course is happening in 2014 (March 22-23) so you’ll be able to gain the valuable hands-on experiences of speaking the language of energy, which comes handy when you want to talk to a virus ;)*

9. Mirror Mirror I love you! You are Wonderful!*

Louise Hay said it on Oprah, and she wrote about it in You Can Heal Your Life: Mirror work is oh so important. A few years back in Angels Empowering Women, I would bring out a mirror and ask the ladies to say to themselves a positive affirmation we had picked from the book.  It was so hard for them! It used to be hard for me too.  Now the second I have any type of pain or symptoms I pull the app on my Ipad from Louise Hay and write the affirmation, believe it is working and I kid you not within minutes the symptoms are gone. Just this week I got rid of intense sciatica pain in my lower back within minutes of saying the affirmation she lists in her book. Yeah for Pillar of Happiness #3: Faith and Positivity.

10. Your body is so intelligent and it is always communicating to you what subconscious beliefs are holding you back.  Next time you get any time of sickness or pain, welcome it! Celebrate it! It’s a message from your body! By doing the corresponding affirmations you can help your life move forward that much faster!  During a private reading you can get more insights about why body aches are there so if you feel guided you can book a session with a Healing Dove Therapy practitioner. I have some openings left in February and March as well.*

Do the 5 Pillars of Happiness work? I don’t know, what do you think?

the gal who received the 5 pillars of happiness is happy allright

At least the gal who shares tips on being healthy and happy is a happy + healthy baby mama herself.  Traveling to Central America and hanging out eating coconuts from the beach also helps for sure.

picked coconuts on the beach!

I leave you with two more tips:

Knee Aches comes from a fear of moving forward in one’s personal life;

Hip Aches comes from fear of moving forward in one’s  professional life.

Voila my dear friend,

I am off to miraculous adventures and I hope you are too!

With love, gratitude and special powerful intuition so you can rise above any issues in your life and find peace.

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