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How to heal a blocked chakra

How to heal a blocked chakra

Q&A Friday

I have a very damaged/blocked and under active root chakra. Part of the reason I joined this (Root Chakra Facebook) group was to try to get some ideas/help in how to heal and activate/unblock this chakra. I’ve tried many things and am at a loss. All my other chakras are open but I know that I need my root chakra open for any of those energies to be able to flow freely and for me to flourish. Any help would be appreciated. Namaste. Julia

First Congratulations:

Celebrate and party your heart out, finding a block takes huge amount of awareness, letting go and surrender. Plus your guides and angels are probably celebrating right along side with you for it ain’t easy to hear messages while living out the scenario of having a blocked chakra.

For example, if the one way angels communicate with you is through your crown chakra but your crown chakra is blocked, imagine how hard it can be to send you messages…?

In your case it was your root but any blocks can be so debilitating and triggering that it shifts your energy from allowing wisdom to come through – to closing the door and not wanting to deal with it – until you have had enough of it and open up again, willing to try anything.

You can always heal what you find:

The same intuition that helped you discover the issue can also help you heal it. What matters most is your own determination for freedom. How willing are you to tap into the truth and go to any length to set yourself free – even if it means forgiving the unforgivable?  Even if it means choosing love in the moments when all you want to do is hate?

So take a moment to ask yourself:

How willing am I to release this block and all that I find around it? All the fears, the programming the beliefs? How willing am I to change my entire thinking? To love what I find, to nurture and care for the parts of me that needs this love?

Why Energy Blocks Happen:

Just as illnesses are messages from your subconscious to your conscious mind by way of your body, blocked energy are also filled of messages.

Julia’s block had a lot to say and it had been waiting a long time to communicate it.

I quickly replied to her on Facebook this answer as her ‘block’ showed me the truth right away:

Julia Root Chakra Block

Energy blocks are always there to help you grow.

It is never set up to block you from your own divine essence.  It wants to get your attention so you don’t initiate certain key activities from a place of lack or misunderstandings.

If you chose your life’s path the way that you did, with the parents that you did and the childhood that you have had, there was something your soul needed to re-experience in this incarnation to process it through to completion.

Julia replied on Facebook:

“Yes that absolutely resonates! In so many ways! Thank you so much please let me know more about the q and a on Friday”

Rethink what happened releases the block

When I tap into Julia’s energy some more,  it feels that she needs to go through a re-thinking of what happened.

Changing your perception of what was into what actually is: a scenario, while unfortunate, yet meant to be your life lesson. By leaving, your father actually helped set up your teaching platform: what you are here to heal in this life and by way of this journey, discover, will set you free and many others whom like you, feel a lacking safety feeling when a male energy is missing from their lives and their root chakras.

Ask your soul to help you tap into the Truth:

The truth is we are all safe, men, women, children, everywhere.

We are always safe. Whether mom or dad is there for us or not. We can only ever be safe.

If we know how to take the best vacation there is to take in meditation and connect vertically, raising our vibration up to love or above, we are always in the vibration of safety and plenty.

What gets in the way of this truth is our mind, our fears, our misunderstandings of the truth and our interaction with the horizontal world we live in.

Life will always help you heal:

And it’s great when your horizontal reality re-awakens old fears and hurts inside of you.

Have you ever felt abandoned by a male figure around you since your father?

Have you ever felt cheated on?

These recurrence will keep happening until you fully heal and allow what the abandonment of your father awakened in you.

That’s how powerful you are.

You can actually heal needing to re-experience abandonment ever again.

Answers come in their own divine timing

Julia has shared how much she has tried to heal her root chakra and she’s at a loss as to what to do.

Now if the answer was available to her in the vibration that she was in, she would have already found it. The reason this block is sticking and unable to be set free is simply that she needs to go higher than the energy of the hurt, explore an opposite energy within herself and once there, welcome up the hurt and the pain of her relationship with her father – the first male energy in her life.

And in this case, her root chakra is craving feminine divine energy.

It’s time to party into freedom

arms open danielle dove freedom package

Julia, you are about to embark on a beautiful journey towards discovering your own power as a woman – tapping into the divine feminine within yourself and all around you.

You need you right now – time with yourself, getting to know you even more and cultivating meaningful connections with other inspiring women, letting these experiences set your heart on fire again so you can have the energy and the momentum necessary to heal what you find.

Keep developing your intuition as a feminine force (going even further than you are now).  Once you have self-trust and self-confidence, then you can begin to heal and explore your relationship with men and see how their love and light can be added to your foundation and root chakra but not to fill up the original lack.

Instead of trying to fix the root chakra the root chakra is saying, go and explore your feminine energy because that will create the very foundation the rest of your energy centers need.

Today in 2014 – you can create the ideal foundation.

You may have tried to put other men’s energy in your root chakra, thinking they could give you the security you craved.

Did it work?

I know it probably did not work for anything you initiate from a place of lack, will result in more lack.

Better to fix the lacking feelings first. and then invite male energies to come in to bring you even more support you, but not while you have the huge lacking feelings still inside of you.

If not, this could cause friction in your relationship with your husband as well – and in your finances – so take care of you sweet Julia (and women everywhere). Take personal development courses,  strengthen your intuition, come face to face with your own feelings and most importantly notice where and what still triggers pain in you.

Notice it and give it love.

It will heal.

It will dissolve.

The only one who can heal you is you:


You can re-create a foundation for you and your inner child whom may not have had her father around to give her the security she craved to launch her life, her creativity and explore her powers.

You can give yourself that sense of security and safety now.

How can you create a healing?

Very simply by sitting still with the lacking safety feelings inside of you and welcome them up to the surface, especially to your heart and love what you find.

Love them as though they are small children needing to be held.

Like a diamond, these facets represent feelings still alive in you from long ago.

The lacking safety feeling you feel so deeply in side of you can only be healed by way of releasing the lacking feeling and transmuting it into love.

Loving the little girl who feels the lack and reassuring her, standing tall (think Athena or Demeter or Mother Mary or any other deities you love and admire) and hugging her warmly telling her ever so gently,

I got you.Dad couldn’t be there and it’s totally OK.I got you.All of powerful, intuitive, capable me,I got you.

And you may discover, the very thing that seemed to tie you down, was there – all along – to set you free.

To your freedom,


PS: A few more resources for you

1. I do offer 1 on 1 Root Chakra Angel Readings and Healings.  If you feel you have a blocked chakra, let’s look at it together. What may take you weeks or months (or even years) to release, could take me just a few seconds to see and help you.

Book the 30 minute complimentary consultation or email me for more info.

root chakra angel reading

2. Developing your intuition can happen easily and effortlessly by listening to guided meditations. I made this CD in 2013 when I doted an entire year to focusing on the root chakra in my meditating with angels classes.

Notice you can listen to the full track of Manifest your Goals.

3. A couple of videos to help you tap into and talk to your inner child:

danielle dove could knowing yourself better help with depression

Robert Richman

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