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How to build bridges from I can’t to I can

Breaking News: You can now practice getting back to your intuitive self with easy breathy magical fun at Happy Soul

As of March/April 2014 you can take the Life Purpose Course + Magical Wand Clearing Workshop for a tiny monthly subscription fee.

Hi there love,

For that is who you truly are. Amidst life’s ups and downs, what remains truly at the center of your beingness is love.

It is always love. It was there when you came into this world, and it will continue to be there wherever life takes you this year.

Everything in between is just a playground where we set goals and fly over to them, like bees going from flower to flower collecting pollen, or dolphins swimming and playing together as they feed and travel.

Why not aspire to create productive incredibly joyous lives, just as easily, just as diligently, with big happy dolphin smiles?

And if you do set goals, do your heart a favor and make them fun. Make them light. Make them easy to ‘stretch into’ for where you are right now.

In this video I explain how to build bridges from our non-intuitive ego to our all loving, all intuitive higher mind.

It comes very handy when you set a goal for yourself that feels too hard to reach right now. If you are cleansing or trying to loose weight, get your finances in order… any situation that you would like to see solved, learning how to build bridges from the part of you that most likely created that situation

(the ego) to the part of you that can solve it (your all loving self) will help you tremendously this year.

Watch the Video and then think about these questions for yourself:

  1. What triggers me back to my ego…?

  2. When do I feel like I failed and didn’t reach my goal?

  3. What do I feel when that event/person triggers me?

  4. What helps me comeback to my higher all intuitive mind?

And please, don’t ever hesitate to share what you found about yourself and what helps you build bridges back to your higher all loving self. We are all learning together, how to live one more 24 hour period at a time, how to love a bit better than we may have yesterday… and keep that happy heart smiling as we move from one flowery fun goal to another, skipping and hopping through all of life’s many hoops and hullas


Danielle Dove.

PS: Creating the content for the courses at Happy Soul School has been a blast of sparkling fun and so much of my own consciousness got raised a whole new level. Come on by and join your sparkling light with ours:

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