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How to become a better manifestor + more

When in doubt, focus on just one area of your life (one pie) and focus on making that one area better.

I answer Nancy’s concern about whether it’s ok to quit her coaching biz and focus solely on her every day work + my tip to charge prices for your service where others really love it and say yes!

Since your thoughts become your manifestations (you are the scriptwriter of your life) you can kinesthetically release the energy that’s creating the thought in the first place. If you change your thoughts by changing your energy you literally can change your life (and especially that one area of your life).

Tell me in the comments below – what’s your #1 priority in your life to transform right now and when you think about that one area of your life – are you thinking any negative thoughts?

Ask yourself, why would I be opposed to ______(this one area of my life) Whether it’s your finances, your weight, your business, your home, if you hold on to negative thoughts ( I don’t like it…etc) those thoughts live out and become things.

If you clear the energy you’ll clear up those thoughts which will change 100% the reality you are experiencing.

Try it out. Become an amazing manifestor.

Leave us a comment below and I’ll help you out.


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