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How much do you believe in your dreams? (Resistance buster inside)

how powerful you truly are

Hello Conscious Dreamers + Achievers!

I am about to ask you the question that helped me clear 3-hour long Manhattan traffic instantly and got me on my business class seat to Paris when there seemed to be no way in heaven I was making it to my plane.

The question changed my life and I am about to ask you the same.

Before I take you there darling heart, I need you to open up your meditation crown and smile that all knowing smile you are so taken care of and so connected to the highest wisdom there is. Because you are.

Feel it?

It might require some letting go of all the other ‘musts’ and ‘have tos’ and responsibilities but here you go…

How much do you believe in your dreams?

Breathe. Pause.

Go within. And really think about it for just a second.

40%? 60%? 100%

How much you believe in your dreams + goals is far more important than the number of times you affirm a new truth for yourself.

It’s the passion and determination you feel within that matters whether the seed will sprout to life or never show its green leaves.

it is in welcoming the spark that is alive within you and with 100% faith push the seed of creation out of your heart into the universe and claim it is done.

Flipping the switch from fear to faith is just that: a decision you can make in an instant.

What keeps us from making that switch?

Fear it won’t be perfect? Hesitation we won’t know how to actually do it? (What’s yours?)

But did you know…

The universe won’t mind if you made a mistake once it is created.

It is here to create.

The universe has an infinite return policy on dreams and goals.

If you achieve one of your dreams + goals and don’t want it anymore.

Return it.

It is more important that you use the spark of creation given to you and


then it is to sit still in fear of creating the wrong thing.

All of life wants to be born and recycled and reborn. It can never be fully destroyed. Give it shape, Give it a name, Recycle it Rename it and start over.

The key as you know is

  1. How daring are you each time you command the creation to take place?

  2. How ambitious are you in your own ability to be generous and successful?

Knowing full well ambition is as healthy as the green sprout pushing through the earth to break though to the sun. Once it has, it’s all easy.

It’s that first break through that is so fragile and requires the most tending and repeating of love and determination.

  1. YES I really am doing _________

  2. YES I really am____ and ____ and ______

  3. I owe it

  4. I claim it

  5. I am 100% willing and ready to experience _____________

When you commit to these dreams so deep in your soul of soul It’s a matter of minutes before it knocks on your door.

happy louvre picture(2)

I was near tears in the car thinking I will miss my flight to Paris with the never oh so fun combination of a hungry and tired toddler squirming to get out of his seat. I had waited years to go back to my beloved Paris. I saw myself walking its paved streets by the Seine with my son on my back charmingly having quality time I so craved after such a hard and long postpartum and a delivery that almost nearly killed me.

In that moment nothing worked. All the tools I normally use to manifest parking spots, slow down time, clear traffic… None of them worked.

The tools weren’t broken. The juice within them wasn’t fully committed. I wasn’t fully committed. I was listening to the very realistic questions of Fear and Doubt: “Really Danielle ?  You are taking your son to France for 3 months by yourself leaving your hubby at home for 3 months? Will you be safe? What if something happens? What if… What if…What if…” I thought of the alternative. I even called my husband to warn him I might come home to Las Vegas that night if I missed my flight which was leaving in 45 minutes and I was still in Manhattan traffic needing to get through to New Jersey. We hung up. I felt defeated, took a deep breath and then something inside of me woke up.

Faith woke up and here’s what it told my Fear + Doubt. “No.” I was not going to be passive about this. I was not going to go back to Vegas tail between my legs in fear, surrendering that it was maybe God’s will for me not to go to France. I called Bullshit.

I asked myself once again: How much do I believe it is possible to take myself and my son over to France for 3 months? Is it really possible?

I didn’t believe it was possible.

It felt so incredible, I couldn’t believe it.

No wonder I was stuck in limbo traffic not getting to my dream.

I was the creator in that instant.

I was the one creating the traffic.

So I put on my very own meditation crown and got myself to un-create the traffic. And just to make sure God had nothing to do with it, I affirmed not only to myself but also to all that would listen: Yes I am going.

Yes I am doing it.

Yes it is possible….

and “Darn it God if you don’t get me on that plane I swear to you I will never work for you again and never speak to you again.

I am going and I will face whatever situation arises.

We are going!”

I opened my eyes to traffic moving.

Within seconds the ‘it took us one hour to move one inch Manhattan traffic’ cleared and I was at the New Jersey Airport in 20 minutes.

The British Airways stewards were waiting for me.

I was escorted through security and delivered to my business class seat with


A second open business class seat next to us.

We slept through the flight and woke up in Paris.

I skipped the champagne but there was no way in heaven I was skipping Paris, Switzerland and the South of France for anyone.

Fear and doubt almost took that away from me.

Don’t let them take your dreams away.

Flip on your switch over to faith, put on your meditation crown and rule your world with guidance from within + above.

Reminder for you Powerful Meditation Queens + Kings

(Print/Share/Post on your manifestation wall):

We fidget with our heart and our chakra system – our wand of creation.

We fidget and pretend we are pushing the buttons but like a hesitant toddler unsure whether they are allowed to touch, We look at our own magnificence. We know it is beautiful. We know we really ought to use it and play with it But aren’t sure what it is How to use it and if we might break it, Then what?

Go ahead darling heart, Play and tune your wand of creation Your chakras Your heart Your soul Your passion Play and play some more and remember the universe is always at your service so if you create some unlikeable result Trust You can always Start Over.

That’s how powerful you are.

Danielle Dove


Post originally written for Holy Pinafore Magazine in 2013.

PS: It’s been a year of amazing adventures in France. I couldn’t be happier about my decision to flip the switch over to faith it would all turn out great.

It did.

Are you feeling resistant to following a big dream/idea of yours? How about with your kids, everything doing OK?

On self-care Wednesdays, I read energies, your energies in seconds to help guide you…

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