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How can I talk with my guides?

If you wonder, how can I start feeling more guided, how can I be more of service, aligned with my truest purpose, helping bring healing on the planet and in my life, where do I start, how do I know I am hearing my guides correctly? In this week’s freedom party love note I share how I tune in and my suggestions to help you tap into that inner genius that can create with ease.

It’s market day today in my town.

…a village built during the middle ages.

Shops on street levels, apartments above them.

Small cobblestone paved streets big enough for a compact European car.

Gorgeous farmers market with stands lining the street from the road to the cathedral and the stone fountains.

The colors of spices, olives, cheese and baskets everywhere.

Olives and cheese stand on farmers market in Forcalquier, South of France

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forcalquier vieille ville

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I am sitting in my apartment in the heart of the old town with a guy singing by my front door with his guitar. He has a gorgeous voice and it echoes through my apartment.

It’s market day today.

It’s Monday in Forcalquier.

I have just spent the morning in deep meditation opening my heart to the Love I feel from the Divine…

I reckon the guitarist is doing the same thing, singing from his heart, hoping to bring a little bit of light into the world.

I feel we are both able to connect using the exact same sentiment: our willingness to erase ourselves and allow for something bigger, something greater, something more pure to pass through us.

That kind of self-erasing doesn’t come easy.  It requires vulnerability and selflessness.

For a street singer to show up, put a hat on the street hoping to get a few thank you coins. It requires giving and trusting something is coming back and he will be taken care of.

Any great artist will tell you: It happened through me.

Last night I asked god to make me an instrument of peace.

I hit a point of vulnerability I hadn’t touched upon in a couple of years.

I asked that he show me exactly what He/She/It needed me to do.

And then this morning, I felt guided to answer Luis’ question which came in a couple of weeks ago. He asked me:

I’m writing to you because I was a participant in the Q&A session you offered last Wednesday. First, I want to thank you for inviting me and reading my energy. One of the things you told me was that my guides have been trying to help me trying to get my attention and that they’ve been waiting for me to connect more vertically, as my energy was too horizontally and this was harming me at the moment. I have been seeing triple digit numbers, such as 111, 222, 444, 555 and even 11:11, for quite a while. Yesterday I was looking for ways to connect with my guides and I did some quick research and I found that one of the methods to contact them is writing a letter, which I did. Also, I read about how you can communicate with them through your mind. I want to know what is the best way to communicate with my guides and what type of assistance do they want to help me with. I am fairly new to communicating with guides, although I have known about their existence by reading other people’s experiences on the net. I wish to work with them at this time. Any advice? Thank you!

How can I talk with my guides?

The fastest way to connect with your guides is to leave the realm of the ego which seeks to have its way and thinks it’s got everything figured out and lean into the possibility of finding the opposite space inside your heart from the ego:

the space that is that singer on the street with his guitar.

the place where you are down on your knees grateful, hopeful and vulnerable.

the place that lives in you that is God. that is Source. that is totally open to love.

No thoughts.

You may need some meditation music.

A meditation pillow to sit comfortably with your legs crossed.

You may just ask: where should I sit still?

Perhaps it will be outside, connecting to the trees.

Find that place where you can let go.

Bring some pen and papers and just tune into your breath

see the love all around you

let you gaze move inward and listen to the silence in between the noises you hear

listen to the stillness underneath the sounds of your breath

and in that space

decide – intend on calling and being in contact with the highest guides.

Keep in mind. it’s really rather simple.

You have all the instruments in you to sing as you have all the instruments in you to be a clair-intuitive.

After you have connected with your breath

with nature

with your guides

allow yourself to think of your present life

and what feels challenging right now?

What removes you from experiencing yourself as a free all loving being?

I invite you to observe what happens when you call up that situation. The same way an artist observes spirit moving through him, observe what is happening in you with love. with compassion. and just breathe.

Your job is to remain in control and connected to your breath.

When you feel ready, go into those feelings coming up and tap into their fears.

Tap into the fear behind your thoughts.

Breathe a ton

And move through the possibility Luis that you – for today- cannot and will not be able to change the situation all on your own.

quote by rumi: the wound is the place where the light enters you.

If you are still trying to figure out the ‘how’ you haven’t capitulated on the fact that it can’t be figured out on the level of mind. It can only happen on the level of the heart….

…which resembles, the vulnerability of the guy singing downstairs, it resembles the vulnerability of a young puppy licking the hands of giggling children, it resembles tears falling down your face, it resembles the soft wind as you watch a warm sunset leaning against a person you love.

Letting go.

The level of acceptance I am talking about is similar to having a dying parent. They are dying and they feel ready to go.

There’s no point fighting what is. The level of powerlessness I am talking about is so important to tap into and surrender to.

And when facing that point of acceptance – accepting your own powerlessness – you tap into your inner magic – the place inside of you that leans into serenity and acceptance.

The place inside of you that says:

OK. I let go. I trust. I can’t so God can.

The god of your own understanding. The god that lives in YOU.

quote rumi

It’s when you are that open, that raw and vulnerable that your intuition opens to allow for the Law of Truth to pass through, for Spirit to flow through you.

And from there, you lean into the possibility of being of service. Of being used as an instrument for peace or music or creativity. You let the higher aspects of you, the  God within you, the all loving abundance source within you to win over the fears, the worries and the negativity.

And while you are busy having fun living from your heart, you realize, the fears are gone, the problems have vanished and everything you ever asked for, is in your life.

All the answers are in you once you let go.

Hope this helps you.

Trust and your angel wings will open all on their own.

Namaste sweet soul. Danielle Dove.

PS: I have a new feature on this blog to help you save the parts that you liked best. 

You can simply highlight the text of your choosing with your mouse or finger on you tactile phone. From there you will be asked whether you want to share it on your own page so you can always have it handy.

If you feel so powerless and stuck that you need (1) someone to be accountable to and (2) a few more nudges to implement what’s suggested in this article, I recommend you take this meditation with you on a walk so either print or save it on your phone/ipad and re-read the words above on your meditation pillow or yoga mat or favorite bench outside.

If you need someone to be accountable to, leave a comment below with what’s going on and why you really need to get to that place of freedom and surrender. I read every comments and will do my best to check in with you to see if you were able to connect with your guides. If not, let me know what seems to block you.

Feedback from Luis after he read the post and implemented:

Hi Danielle,

Thank you so much for featuring my question on your blog and for bringing clarity to various doubts that I had. I am grateful and humbled by this. I have started meditating and I can say that I feel more peaceful, more calm and centered. It is amazing how making little changes can make such a difference. I have been writing to my angels and guides as well as communicating with them through my thoughts and I continue seeing triple number sequences that I now know how to interpret. I feel that new doors are opening for me. Again, thanks for helping me with getting to the ‘How to’ when connecting with my guides and angels. It’s been very helpful!


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