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Here’s why toxic emotions are there to help you

Hi there,

this one is truly worth your time 🙂

In depth training to find out the 1 reaction you need to have when you are triggered, why those closest to you trigger you the most,

and how to get them to change without needing to ask them to change (and it’s actually really easy).

Why you attract certain types of people (and how to stop it).

+ if this person owes you money or something else, it’s the fastest way to get your way, with ease…

Ready to check out 30 days to love?

Doors close on Summer Solstice 2018: Thursday June 21 – it’s time to set a beautiful new intention for your heart and that ONE relationship 🙂

30 days to love is for you if you are interested in

– Turning around that one relationship with a family member/spouse/child that’s been challenging and painful triggering(Yes you can get them to change without asking them to),

– improving your own relationship with yourself, believing in yourself more, especially if you feel you need a strong self confidence booster, this course is designed to soften the inner critical voice and the self saboteur, 

– want to call in love but feel your files on love and men/women is heavily stacked against manifesting the ‘right one’. You have too much pain around relationships and really want to spend some time deprogramming it all.

– Are already in a relationship but feel they changed or they complain you changed and you want to find that original tender love, when everything was so simple… 

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