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Happy Soul Schools is happening in the South of France!

special announcement

A very special announcement!

You are invited to train, heal and party into freedom with me – Danielle Dove, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Energy Healer and Founder of Healing Dove Therapy and Happy Soul School – right here in this amazing sacred space in the South of France.

I have led certification retreats in Healing Dove Therapy since 2010, my last one being a Goddess Ascension Retreat in Kona Hawaii in 2012. I can’t wait to offer a more intimate setting where 1-2 participants can come stay with us and train, heal and party into freedom with us having incredible A+ experiences right here in Provence.

Let’s see what we can create together!

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Much much much much magical love from Provence.



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PS: If you want to catch the meditation that was taped right after this video, come on by to find out how to use your 3rd eye during meditation to receive answers, messages and images that can boost your happiness, improve your life and the ones of your loved ones around you.

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