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Group Clearing: When You Don’t Want Money Goals


Do you know how often I hear a client ask me: Why didn’t he…. why is she…. ? Why am I … again?

A lot.

Every day.

And my response is always …. let’s ask your subconscious a question.

You know, since it’s creating 98 % of your 3D reality, why not go straight there to ask?

In this videos below, I share the blueprint to ask, connect and clear.

It’s the same blueprint my clients have used to turn around a lot of situations, very quickly.

Having money goals can bring up all kinds of negative fears and consequences.


No matter what you hear, it can be cleared.

And if you clear it, it opens up your mind to creating the solution so you don’t have to keep asking why?

You can be living the manifestation of what you’d like to see happen instead 🙂

Interested in taking this further?

I have a money mindset challenge where we do this exercise to prove to yourself how quickly the subconscious can take new commands and make them come true in your life.

It happened for everyone who joined last year and this year. I haven’t had to give any refunds since everyone made their money back + some.

Come check it out and hurry up, we start on the 1st of the month.

PSS: If you’d like to have my intuition looking at your energy field to find and clear money blocks more quickly, you can apply for a free Conquer your Money Block 1:1 session. It’s not for everyone but if you apply, I’ll send you a reading and a link to book a time to chat with me.

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