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Goddess Hawaii Retreat

While the Retreat is SOLD OUT – UPDATE: you can participate Exclusively Online at your own pace!

in beautiful Kona, Hawaii – 5 minutes from the beach 

…where Goddesses and Angels come together on the Sacred Land of Hawaii to transform your life

September 26-October 3 2012

 The time is now dearest Sisters.

Awakening cannot wait anymore. You have always had the very essence of truth within yourself. Let us help you remove the feelings and beliefs that could be preventing you from living your divine authentic truth. We need powerful earth Goddesses to join us in shining their light.

We are here to help you take action, safely, lovingly towards the creation of your dreams –

for they are our dreams as well.

The Hawaii Retreat is meant to be powerful, transformative and challenging. We know you are ready and Danielle Dove is preparing a strong curriculum. You will learn to:

  1. call forward your guides and angels to assist you in your life or during a healing session on someone else

  2. how to begin a session with invocations and using your throat chakra

  3. clearing away any vows, oaths, commitments you may have made in previous lifetimes that are blocks to your abundance today

  4. going up to a theta brainwave to carry on healings and downloads

  5. working with the Goddesses of the Light and each of their unique healing tools

  6. Inviting Mediums to practice Mediumshp with departed loved ones

  7. Oracle Card Reading Level 1,2 and 3.

  8. Identifying blocks of energies on someone and how to release it with Archangel Michael and Goddess Athena

  9. Practice the Angels 5 Pillars of Happiness to help Angels help you in your daily life

  10. Plus…all that’s described under ‘courses’ which Danielle has already taught in previous workshops.

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