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Giving what I ask others to give

Hello Gorgeous Souls! The rain has me bouncy in joy! Follow me into endless clapping and celebrating, it is one powerful way to manifest all around goodness! A little bit of news for you this week + a story + free gift + art… wow what a week!

+ A little gift for us gals from Crystal Andrus (and if you’re a guy pass it on to a goddess you know!). + A week of manifesting with Fairies…

A few days ago, I was sitting in Bruce’s day room where piles of paperwork would stack up. It was the quietest part of the house and I had a phone call with Crystal Andrus, a Hay House published author and the force behind the SWAT institute which helps empower women all over the world. Crystal is also doing a Goddess retreat in Italy this year with 30 women! I saw she had a program called Business behind the Business and I signed up for it.  It felt right in alignment with the dream in my heart to have a lightworker business that helps seed long lasting and effective peace on this planet.

Crystal told me you could be the best healer, the best coach, the best at what you do, but it has nothing to do with running a business.

She shared with me stories of her beginning and her meetings with Reid Tracy, the President of Hay House Publishing. They were flying her down to do radio shows and host conferences and publish her books and she was freaking out. Reid Tracy told her: “you have the fraud complex.” She was getting paid to do what she loved most and she felt unsure about it.  And do you know what she told me? “You are not a fraud either Danielle! It’s amazing that you have that many women willing to come with you to Hawaii, celebrate it!”

I needed to hear someone tell me that who had been there before.

I was in awe that I was given the opportunity to talk to her for an hour.

The $1400 I invested in the year long program with her happens to also be about the same amount I am asking others to invest in the retreat, including flight, lodging and the course work. Isn’t that interesting that I gave as much as I am asking others to give? I invested in myself the same amount that others are investing in themselves. I think it’s a good formula to make sure I stay on track to being what I preach.

Can you relate to the fraud complex if you are now doing what you love and getting paid for it too? Or are you holding on to any fear about stepping into the world doing what your heart is asking you to do? Angels say to simply shine your light of awareness on it when it comes up. It might be all you need to dissipate it.

A little bit of practicing the 4th Pillar of Happiness: Self-Knowledge… What are your beliefs about work? What about your dream job?

Can you see how some of us have the belief “work has to be something we don’t completely love” or “work has to be hard”?

It’s a belief we could have received from our ancestors or seeing our parents complain about ‘having to’ work.

I identified with those beliefs a few years back and it really helped me to clear them so that I could increase my income as an Angel Therapy Practitioner without feeling guilty + help more people all over the States and in Europe.

Eliminating beliefs holding us back is some of the most fascinating work I’ve been able to do.

Recently I also helped a beautiful lady release over 5 vows she had taken in past lives. I’ve seen amazing changes happen in my life by breaking vows of poverty and vows of celibacy.

Have you remembered to release and break any vows oaths or commitments? If you are interested, Jennifer is offering a Theta Healing class this week-end at Well Rounded Mamas.

And here is the free gift from one Goddess mama to another: 

Crystal Andrus is giving my subscribers a free program of a value of over $250. Here is the link to receive her help if it resonates with you

We have International Angel Day coming up this September 9 2012. Make sure to make a deposit on or before September 5 to save your spot. It promises to be a day packed with sparkling angel magic. I am doing a special hour on how to manifest with fairies.

Fairies have helped me manifest so much… this week alone I manifested:

  1. The Hawaii Retreat is officially booked with all 11 women I was told would be coming to Hawaii by the Goddesses of the Light! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and honor to be given the opportunity to do this.

  2. My family is renting a house next door so I can still have my son nearby – mega awesomeness! 

  3. I saw this feather on my way to my office this morning and I had just asked the universe for feathers to take to Hawaii for our sacred altar. (Background is a pink heart also made during a time of “I can’t think, so I’ll just paint!” moment).

  1. I created two collages for our altar in Hawaii using paint, pictures and an app on my ipad. Check it out!

  2. I have been making art every day and it’s getting me in the zone.

  3. + after feeling tired yesterday I laid back and listened to the Inner Light Meditation I channeled and recorded the week-end before Bruce passed away. It cleared me so deeply I have felt renewed and energized. I can’t wait to share it with you soon (being edited now).

With many hugs and many more for those days you need them most.

Danielle Dove.

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