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Forgive your reality

I love healing our emotional body because it will get in the way of our intuition.

As healers to be, psychics or just intuitive mamas and CEOs out there, learning to manage your emotions and release what life’s most difficult situations bring up in you (including health issues), will make you a healthier, happier and a much better leader at a time in our evolution when it seems we all prefer authenticity and honesty.

You could also just do it just because it feels really good to release the heaviness and get back to our original peaceful newborn love.

I share with you how getting back to Las Vegas is going for me and why I chose love.

If the video doesn’t work, here’s the link:

Before you watch the video notice your emotional set up: on a scale of 0-10 are you feeling heavy/tired/sad/angry/hungry/resistant/good? Notice the number if 10 is the most heavy/sad/angry… and after the video what’s your emotional set up ?

You might discover you feel much lighter.

Each will get there in their own perfect timing. It takes time to release, heal, feel, accept, listen and heal the old emotional pain. But I have experienced it pays back more dividend in joy and freedom than any material gain ever will.

How to begin? When/if you ever had a close friend or family member resonate pain in you, heart tightens, mind starts spinning down in negativity, you feel tired…that’s when it will be good to take a time out and go be with what is beginning to emerge in you.

Begin with gratitude: Life bring these situations to help us become aware of old vibrations we still carry around so we can become aware of it and feel it through to completion.

When would it be a good time? Now: Mercury is retrograding again! It’s a really good time to snuggle up with your feelings and interview them. What you release now will super charge your wings!

And in this week’s bonus article, I’ve included a link to a worksheet I use to go from hate to love about any situation in under an hour.

It can improve the success rate of your projects over the next 3-6 months as well as improve your health and relationships immediately.  It happened to Joan after working with me and she wrote an article about her experience.

I can’t wait to hear from you and witness your dreamiest life shifts ever!


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