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energy healing that works for fear

energy healing that works for fear 2.20.2015 blog

Hey There Babe!!

Ever felt ‘pregnant’ with an idea / a coming change / a vision but couldn’t put your finger on it?

You know, the feeling that something is about to happen, something that you feel in your heart…like an energy pulling you in a certain direction and you want to go but can’t figure out how?

It all feels too far, blurry, can’t fully see it?

I promise you right now, the tiny steps you can take are being revealed to you, it’s just hard to see them because they feel too small.

Every great journey begins with one step.

You can’t always soar over night or see the whole picture crystal clear.

I know it’s super frustrating not being able to see the whole picture and know exactly what to do (because you know deep down, if you just had the step by steps to take, you would rock them and come out on top!).

A year ago I created Happy Soul School without clearly knowing or understanding why or whom I would serve.

As often is the case, we are only shown part of the path without being shown the whole picture.

Sometimes, it’s hidden from us for we need to live through an experience before it can all click into perfection.

I know, I know…Perfection? What’s that?

I also didn’t think it was possible. It truly isn’t when I am in the ego and forgot my morning cup of meditation.

But honestly, it is possible to get to it when angels are involved.

Most specifically, my own angel nature (and yours too babe).

When we make the time to awaken and clear our intuitive instrument, we can  get on the highest and most perfect path for us (one moment at a time).

vison of the

Success and clarity is like a snowball.

Start it every day with a winning morning routine – and for the rest of your day – what you create comes from a perfect blend of truth, divine intervention and the magical bit of flow (which requires one hard step: letting go).


Who likes that one?

But letting go you can do.

Do you know what I did the few years prior to building a 5 figure healing practice in Las Vegas (releasing my meditation CDs, traveling to Europe and leading retreats?)

I sat on my bed and did nothing except what my heart felt like doing in that moment.

I stayed away from extra busy work if it didn’t feel right in my heart. I didn’t strive to know exactly ‘the’ path. I put all my trust in my intuition: it wanted to go to the cafe and read a book about fairies from Doreen Virtue. That’s what I did.

It wanted to read and learn about energy work and take oracle cards to the parties I was invited to?

That’s what I did.

If I wanted to meditate on the beach – I drove out there and did just that.

For lunch, I would walk through Whole Foods and figure out what I wanted to eat by simply listening to my body. It mostly wanted fresh raw fruits back then. I didn’t think about the price. I just thought:

Tell me, I am willing to listen and trust you source.

It led me towards more fame, fun and perfection I could have ever dreamed up myself.

Let go to let it grow

I have a dear client whom I adore but she only believes in letting go if it works.

She doesn’t believe it will all work out if she practices positive thinking so she tries to control every bit of the journey.

Consequently, her desires take a really long time to come into fruition.

I explained to her: Positivity & faith is something that works after we let go Letting go is the First Pillar of Happiness for a reason.

  1. First, you have to let go long enough to ask for help: to connect vertically from the crown chakra upwards to your divine all knowing nature (that’s where your morning routine comes in: you do it every day so that day you are already in a space of love).

  1. Then the 2nd step to happiness is moving into acceptance for what is – loving what is. While your desires to change the now is the loudest, your most vital job is to move into acceptance of the now: to go into what the now (and all the people, things and difficulties in it) resonates in you.

This last step is the step that recharges your faith + positivity because it moves you out of fighting what is into loving what is.

It’s what creates real change and shifts because love get you back in the flow of things. It gets you to open up again. To believe again. To trust again.

From that place, you can ask for anything and it will come running.


Because you asked from a place of unconditional love – the type of energy we all respond to the most.

We all want to let go. But how?

I know that you do want to let go – we all do.

The reason we can’t let go at times is our fear is way louder than our faith.

Thus we stay stuck, feeling scared to do anything.

In this energy healing video below, I guide you to release fear by connecting vertically to the divine and breathing through to connect with the source of the fear.

There’s no greater fear buster except perhaps just doing it and proving to yourself there was nothing to fear.

Other ways to let go and get clear:

  1. When you are trying to make a decision on something on or off line, monitor the amount of time you are doing research for it, such as your start/end time and when you can’t figure something out, actually write it down on your notepad/to do list.  Admit it loud and clear: Hey intuition and support team! I need help making this decision. Then and revisit it the next morning during your meditation practice and release any fears around making the decision.

  1. Find a way that works for you to shift out of feeling overwhelmed.  I always say if the practice you are using to shift out of feeling low isn’t working within a few minutes, it isn’t gonna work.  It’s not that the system is particularly flawed. It’s just that your energy isn’t vibrating high enough to benefit from that system right now. You need something else that gets to the truth of the issue to get you back up.

  1. Honestly have the 5 minute rule when it comes to self-healing: if I am not feeling clearer/better/lighter/happier within 5 minutes of ________  then quit it. Go outside, go for a walk. Pray. Ask to be guided towards something that will work.

How do you let go?

How do you practice  letting go? I would love to hear your tips and tricks and what works for you (and what doesn’t).

Have you noticed it’s best to start your day with a morning routine or not necessarily? 

I have taken comments on over to Facebook so please comment by sharing the post below – and if we are friends, then tag me 🙂  

See you around Whole Foods wondering around the aisle picking up a fruit and smelling it right?


Of course, unless we’re both down the chocolate aisle.




PS: For more ways to meditate with angels during your morning routine:

PSS: And even more fabulous and effective ways to release emotions clouding your focus:

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