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Earth Angels in Training…The Illustrated Guidebook

Back in 2010 when I had moved to Las Vegas and my life completely changed from feeling lost and confused to diving right in my highest purpose and doing it – with a thriving healing practice – I put together week-end workshops called Earth Angels in Training – so many awakened to their gifts of intuition and we unveiled many many many earth angels – so much so that I ended up teaching certification courses as well.

And out of those week-end workshops came a little book 70 pages or so called Earth Angels in Training. It’s an illustrated guidebook I channeled and illustrated in one week. I was about to go to Hawaii to guide a retreat there for a week and needed some sort of manual – so there it came. 

I am giving away a bunch of copies this week – it’s still in PDF format but will soon be printed and published.

If you want to read it and see if your angel wings are ready to soar, let me know, I’ll send it over 🙂 It’s a lot of fun and an easy read, even kids would totally love it and understand.

**Update** Since giving away a bunch of copies I have had such great feedback – I finally have a LIVE course where for 4 weeks we will Awaken your Intuition.

Check it out…on the page after you sign up to read Earth Angels in Training.


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