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Discover the power of inner peace, on the Las Vegas Strip

Do you know that ‘Meditating with Angels’ was actually first ‘born’ on the Las Vegas Strip?

It was 2009. All the major casinos dimmed their lights for an entire hour for Earth Day. When my friend Farrah and I heard about it we rushed to the strip. We parked quickly at one of the hotels and walked down Las Vegas Blvd, following our intuition to head for the Bellagio. I had just arrived from London and Switzerland where I had spent the last few months. I was ready to face the strip again especially for this special occasion. We walked and cheered for mama earth. …and then we heard drums. Loud beautiful drumming, people dancing and chanting ‘om’. My doubts about staying in Vegas or going back to Europe suddenly vanished. Roth there and then on earth hour I had found my tribe. I met Jada Fire in that tribe, dancing and drumming away. She had just been asked by Whole Foods to open a yoga studio inside their Town Square location. When she heard that I was an Angel Therapist she asked me if I could teach a meditation class with angels. ? Huh… yeah sure…why not? It was a major success. Twenty beautiful women showed up for my very first class ‘Meditating with Angels’. And it’s because I followed my instinct to come to Vegas, go to the Strip, walk toward the Bellagio and talk to my beautiful tribe that Lee Papa at Ganesha Center (called Reiki by Lee at the time) found me and asked me to teach there. I didn’t have to do anything to manifest it. It came looking for me. Actually, my angels are reminding me this very instant I did ‘ask for it’… But before I tell you about my powerful fun way to manifesting life+work with intuition…

I am so happy to INVITE YOU to celebrate with me another successful MEDITATION + WORKSHOP at BAREFOOT SANCTUARY this Friday AUGUST 10 + 11. Can you feel the power of those dates!!?  When I felt the energy coming from those dates I knew I had to teach a class and I knew it had to be where it all started – inside a gorgeous room filled with art, peace and powerful vortex energy.

Inner Light Meditation – Part 1 

Friday August 10th 6 – 7:30pm 

  1. Clean and energize your aura and energy body

  2. remove emotional blocks through releasing and breathing exercises

  3. experience greater flow of energy in your life

Inner Light Meditation uses energy from Divine Source along with Angels and Guides to clean and clear your body, life, relationship. It acts like a magnet, vacuum and cuts cords of attachment

This class is for everyone, all levels welcomed. Energy healing is a great modality that can help every area of your life. Danielle Dove is the co-founder of Healing Dove Therapy which uses energy healing in the form of chakra reading, past life healing, karma releasing and mind pattern re-programing through Theta downloads.

Inner Light Workshop – Part 2 

Saturday August 11th 4-6pm

  1. What are Chakras and what can they reveal to you about your life?

  2. Use your inner light to clean and activate your chakras

  3. Call back your energy to shine brightly as an intuitive Earth Goddess

Inner Light Workshop will begin with a clearing meditation to open up our third eye and activate it with crystals.

It will be followed by a presentation about each chakra and specific beliefs will be invited to be released if identified as blockages and other beliefs will be invited to be downloaded.

You will learn to use ‘light’ to clean chakras – that’s all you need and it’s practical because you can do it anywhere without needing a lot of tools.

If time permits, short one card reading by Danielle Dove

Cost: $45 for the workshop, includes part 1 and part 2.

RSVP and Sign in at or email Danielle at – call 702.425.3241

You can create an account with Barefoot Sanctuary to sign in and pre-pay or show up on the day of the event and pay when you get there

I am offering this workshop as an introductory launch to the Goddess Revival and Ascension Retreat in Healing Dove Therapy I will be offering in Kona, Hawaii from September 26 – October 3 2012 with Lodging and workshops at private residence near the beach. You can read more about the retreat and Danielle Dove at and 5 spots left for the Retreat! We’d loooove to have you join us for the healing adventure.  …I will be sending you another email shortly with ‘how’ I created my life + work with intuition in 2009 in that very Whole Foods Market where it all started… and also our August Card Reading + a special on Mercury Retrograde all coming up later today….if the angels can keep Hayden occupied playing or napping! 🙂

Peace, Love, & Discover! Danielle Dove

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