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Develop your Intuition through Play: My Story.

Tonight I let out a huge part of myself be touched by all the frequencies of joy.

Using my whole body



feet and knees

I played with my heart

wide open to the giggles of my child

I let every sound come out of his vocal box

resonate vibrations of peace and joy within me too

why not be a sponge to those who are in joy?

why only seek to feel those who need the healing?

I learned tonight I could use my gift of clairsentience to open up

and let all the joy of his pure heart

touch me deeply

like skilled fingers on guitar strings

I let him play as though stomping exuberantly inside my cushiony heart.

We played hide and seek

We ran through thick noisy maple leaves

I followed him and realized how fun this really was

We ran in each other’s arms

He kissed me

mama mama oh oh oh mama mama

I thought of how much I missed his father

the innocence in our relationship somewhat lost

among cloth diapers

burps and fevers

somewhat lost among

hospital bills



and Hawaii

Goddess Hawaii

Hawaii which left me very vulnerable for months thereafter.

Sometimes saying yes to something much bigger than myself is not just a fun challenge

it can also be a learning curve and I might have to accept being at the bottom of that learning curve

When I start…

…only now to realize there is nothing I could have done differently.

It was all perfect.

So thank you angels for bringing us all together under one roof to live out the drama our egos needed to live through

Today I am happy I feel safe where I am and with whom I am.

I hope tonight sweet friends you too feel loved and protected and can find the joy

in the right sized abundance for you.

Sober or not, it truly doesn’t matter.

I just like it when joy has no opposite.

No need to consume something outside of myself that has greasy yucky residue

whether it be love,




and all that rock n roll,

It can leave sticky stains on our souls and we get lost

in that foggy mess

wondering where are we?

ou est? ou est?

asks my son when he hides his little cars underneath a pillow.

Pretending I really can’t see the huge car under the tiny pillow I ask…

playing his game

ou est la voiture? ou est? Where is the car?

He lifts the pillow and gives me the most delicious sound in the universe.

the sound of finding something he himself had hidden

what if finding one’s lost soul

was as easy as first finding the most delicious sound echoed

from within ourselves


let yourself shine

let yourself be free

it is most important you find that soulful car

hidden underneath a tiny pillow

and burst out laughing too.


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