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Danielle Dove

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I have achieved the ultimate freedom working with Danielle Dove. My husband and I don’t work for anyone else anymore. We are just completely free in every way. Our son is now home-schooled and doing much better than before. I have no fears to anything anymore. Before the ideas weren’t flowing, now they are.

Laura Power

You can fix even what someone might think is unfixable.  I had no doubt you could help me. I have been able to heal & improve my relationship with my middle child. I have learned how manifesting works & am manifesting both financial wins and other fun stuff. I have been able to work through forgiveness on a number of issues.

Jaci Legge Elliott, UK

I have had a lot of relief and clarity since I started working with Danielle. I love working with her and I am feeling so happy and wonderful since we started.

Miranda Degen Velasquez, California.

I feel like I received much more from a single session with Danielle than what I would have through months of counseling. –

Jill G. Nevada USA


Before I started the course I was asking for 3 main things. 1. Spiritual awakening 2.

Love match relationship 3. Financial stability – 1 week into the course I closed a job that had been on the negotiating table for 4 months. By the end of the course I had 3 projects with a heart beat. – 1 month into the course (tops) I met the most amazing man in such a magical way that I have no doubt there is past life and love match energy involved.

Brie Ar (Mexico).

Danielle Dove is a beautiful spiritual teacher. I have taken many classes from her over the years. She has taught me how to release that which no longer serves me. I can now easily allow for only that which is for my highest good (including a better relationship with my kids’ father, and starting my own business. A dream come true for me.).

Courtney Laub – Nevada USA  –

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