Cord Cutting: Dance, Heal, Meditate

It’s time for Fanny Pack Friday!

I bring you THE move to practice when you’re feeling funky energy and you need to get rid of it or… – you have a car/house you are trying to sell – you come home ‘thinking’ of work and can’t relax – you can’t sleep at night – you feel depressed and no longer have a sense of self – you adsorb and take on too much of other people’s energies – you have a baby sleeping and don’t want to wake him up, cut your cords or ‘worry he’ll wake up’ (; to all mamas

There’s a good chance you’ll feel and look lighter and younger after wards…

Take a snapshot before…and after… and you’ll see what I mean.

Now here’s How we cut cords with Archangel Michael on Las Vegas Blvd!

If the vieo doesn’t show up, try this link instead.

Your turn to shine:

Did you do it?

Did you feel the release ?

Claim it as a huge gain and feel the lightness expand.

I am so glad this video was able to help you become aware that the minute you call on and grab Archangel Michael’s sword, you become willing to let go… and with willingness comes transformation.

Happy miracle-making



PS: We always end Fanny Pack Friday with a

Truth & Dare Party time:

Truth: “When you have the willingness to let go, it totally miraculously works out for you”

Dare: Take a video or a picture of yourself doing this move and share it with us on the private FB group (ask to join and let’s play)?

Dare #2:  What if you had a private supportive group of conscious souls helping you clear and activate one of your chakras for 30 days? Go Free Chakra Bliss 30 Day Challenge is for you if you need more clearing & healing.



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