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Chakras: How to use them to change your life


You may wonder what they are and if you really have them.

Or you have read a ton of books on the topic and have experienced seeing/feeling a closed or open chakra.

After studying chakras for close to 15 years on thousands of clients, here’s my take on chakras (it may surprise you), what I hear and feel when I tune into them and why you really (really) want to find out what’s been stored in them and clear them.

Especially if a self-sabotaging story seems to be on repeat (even years later) and you’re wondering, why is this happening to me again, this is for you.

Or if you would like to be a bit more intuitive but don’t know where to start, this will also help a lot. 

Chakras are the starting point for awakening your intuition as well as the endpoint for using and mastering the law of attraction.

Without clearing them, you won’t like what you attract when you open up to call in jobs, clients, relationships…etc.

This can help you avoid your next self sabotage.

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To clear your crown chakra (and your relationship with a higher power), check out the higher power clearing kit over on this page:

Can’t wait to clear your aura and chakras? Come on by

And for more videos on chakras and angels, I often talk about only on Live FB streams, come on by my FB page:

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When you get a chance, leave a comment below and tell us: What is your favorite way to clear your chakras? And do you feel better afterward?

PS: Want to meditate with angels a bit more to clear a lot more?  Here’s the link to the crown chakra clearing meditation, with the extended track to meet with your angels and find out which of your ideas are really worth pursuing before you invest time and energy into them.  Can’t find the meditation you’re looking for or need? Just hit reply and we’ll either make it for you or guide you to the right link. We do also have a 7 chakra clearing CD you can purchase from CDbaby. That one has been our #1 bestseller since 2010. 

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