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2013-2020 Planetary Ascension

It has begun!

Seven Years of Planetary Ascension kicks off with a root chakra meditation series, at times with me at Ganesha Center and on teleconferences, and most days, with yourself at home, using some of the suggestions I’ll post on my blog.

I started channeling what needs to be done and it’s exciting stuff! While it is my utmost intention that words I write on this website magically go deep within your own heart and soul to bring harmony and any healing necessary, I will give you a disclaimer: you’ve got to also do some of the work, show up for yourself, shut off the phone and facebook and start going within.

You are going to have to hold your own hand through these changes happening to you and everyone else in 2013 and breathe through them. Meditate daily and visit us here again as I’ll post new tips and tricks I learned from the angelic realm to have an easier time transitioning and ascending.

Why Ascend?

My guidance told me that as a planet we are ascending to live in the heart where there is no longer any opposite to having, and then loosing.  this would obviously mean a world without an ego, pain body, resentment or un-forgiveness, lack …etc.  Anything unlike love or peace.  Can we do it?

Every long journey begins with planning, hope and positivity so let’s just take one step at a time together and trust that we can do it, we can try again when we fail and I know that we’ll turn around one day and realize how far we’ve come and none of it would have even seemed that hard.

AM Routine

We recommend you begin each day upon awakening by opening your otherwise closed energy system to receive direct light from a vertical steam of energy, into your crown chakra, third eye and ear chakras. It is fine if you don’t know how to do it or what it should look like, simply holding in mind that you intent on doing it will suffice for the energy to open up.  Once you feel the flow of energy, it will travel through the rest of your chakras vertically until it reaches your root chakra. there it will descend to the center of the earth, to pick up what you laid to rest the night before.  (See Below for Explanation).

PM Routine

In the evening upon retiring to bed, let go of your day and all connections to the horizontal world you traveled through during the day by pushing your energy down to the root chakra, opening it to descend like an elevator to the center of the earth and let it pull you into a deep restful sleep.

For Children

If you are the parent of a child, you can surely visualize this process for them, day and night. It will hep them have longer, deeper sleep at night and a better sense of calmness and security in the morning and throughout the day.

The reason so many children and adults have  ADD and unable to focus is because of the higher frequency of the planet moving towards ascension in the past decade or so.  A good way to avoid ‘spinning’ and not being able to focus is to ground one’s energy in the room you are in (or your children are in) when you desire to have more focus.

Final Note

The explanations for why the Am/Pm routine are suggested will be available in a book format eventually later in the year. Practice opening your chakras to the light vertically so that it becomes a renewing source of energy for you and remember to ground the energy into the earth nightly.

Let me know how it might begin to help you!

Root Chakra Asension
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