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What you get:

> 6 Live Self Healing Calls on Saturdays

> My eyes on your energy helping you shift the heavy stuff. 

> Online Membership login to

> 6 Self Healing Modules

> Mp3s to take with you and listen to in the background

> Videos to watch when you need a boost

> and as an Alumni you get to come back and take the course again 2x in the year when I offer it again live!

BONUS : I love looking at the energy of my students and see it evolve and change over time - so I'm inviting you for free - to come back to 2 more rounds of this course. That way you feel motivated to work the course again 2 more times in the year and come back for more live calls.  I don't want this to be another six weeks course that goes by and you don't implement sister!



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