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Yes! You rock!

Welcome to the awakening sisterhood :) 
We love using energy healing and meditation to change what is. 

What is can be a painful recurring situation or a financial picture you don't like or something that feels off. 

We connect, we look up, feel up, open up and allow light to come in and help guide the next movement forward. 

Connecting this way came to me when I was 18 and my mom had literally just taken her last breath on this earth after battling cancer for 7 years. 

I was alone but quickly realized this benevolent incredible loving force was going to carry me forward. 

It's never left me since. It's been behind every door I chose to open and now I am delighted to share it with you. 

With you always, 

Alixe (also known as Danielle Dove). 

But first a quick read of Earth Angels in Training

Ok, ready to dive in? 

Let's get comfy... 

Make sure you won't be disturbed for an hour. 
These meditations are like sacred energy healing with angels so you do want to be in a quiet space with headphones if possible. 
If you need more music play your favorite relaxing music in the background. 

I love hearing from you so please leave a review at or right here on the page below if you enjoyed it or have any questions. 

To your freedom and awakening, 

PS: I often guide these healings live in my FB group, Welcome Awakening Sis.  Come and join the freedom party! Click here:


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